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Kristina Milan’s milk swollen debut!

Wow, these new Kristina Milan debut pics over at XL Girls were certainly worth the wait – her huge swollen tits are absolutely bursting with milk!!

If you’ve been thinking about joining XL Girls then this is definitely a good time to sign-up – some great updates coming over the next 2 weeks!

As well as Kristina Milan; Miosotis and Vanessa Del will be also be debuting, and all three girls will be doing both softcore and XXX hardcore scenes (see a glimpse of Kristina’s hardcore scene in the screengrabs below).

Some screengrabs from the “behind the scenes video” just released at XL Girls.

All pics from XL Girls.

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21 Responses to “Kristina Milan’s milk swollen debut!”

  1. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    DAYUM! Nothin like a sweet Dominican Mami with milk filled titties! I’m gonna see my travel agent this afternoon!

  2. Don Carlos Says:

    It’s time to team this girl up with Anorei Collins…talk about a all-time tittie titan team!

  3. Bill Says:

    I saw her earlier on a few blogs, and these pics are HOT. I cant wait to get em all.

  4. Rob Says:

    Her tits look massive, but she needs to tighten that stomach up some

  5. Tony Says:

    The VOLUME of those things WOW!

  6. smotherme Says:

    Those are some mighty mams.
    Gotta love breasts so thick the nipples & areolas face away from one
    another (wall-eyed tits).
    The vitamin D she’s packin’ could feed Biafra.
    I wonder if that tummy, Rob, is not the reason for her milk.
    Nursing Kristina wud be a sheer delight.

  7. festive Says:

    Such a hot woman, pretty and HOT! Those titties are VERY yummy. This is the reason why people should never even consider fake tits over natural.

  8. vladimir Says:

    ella parece que va a explotar!

  9. Bill Says:

    Rob, get a clue. You want tight stomachs go look at some body building chics. Guys like you are why women have complexes about their bodies in the first place.

  10. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Nothing wrong with a bit of a tummy! 90% of the chicks I date have some degree of fat in the midsection, it goes along with the fat in their big titties! NOM, NOM, NOM!!!!

  11. Tony Says:

    Back for a 4th look, wooo!

  12. Jeff L Says:

    Wow. Amazing smile, boobs, and body.

    She looks big (and round) enough to feed three maternity wards.

    Her newborn is getting some great genes!

  13. Rob Says:

    Hey Bill, what exactly do I need to get a clue about? You go get a clue, she needs to tighen that stomach up some

  14. Tony Says:

    Rob ……I’m almost certain when I say this: SHE’S PREGNANT

  15. hugey Says:

    I agree with Smotherme: Kristina’s tummy is swollen because she’s recently given birth – it can take months before it returns to it’s normal shape if at all!

    Personally, I like the extra cushion around her middle and agree with Bill and Handsome Dennis that it compliments her massive tits beautifully.

  16. femsup Says:

    I was not convinced at all by Kristina till now.Her best photo shoot by far.On the stomach issue women need supporting in being comfortable in the way they look.If you want natural huge tits you accept even luxuriate in a woman having a well padded stomach.

  17. Gary Says:

    Her boobs are beyond amazing right now!

  18. Sean Says:

    babe looks definitely pregnant…….

  19. Tony Says:

    Today, I seen for the first time, some of her Hardcore Trailers. Good luck on trying not to perform the ritual Hieros gamos on yourself.

  20. hugey Says:

    What’s the Hieros Gamos Ritual Tony?

  21. LisaSuzanne Says:

    Kristina is looking radient–
    Yuumm, love milk filled breasts..
    You have to admire those amazing areolas-
    Everyone has to love milk.

    your Seattle shemale xoxo

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