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Leane Crow 34HH – New Girl at PinUpFiles

Check out this new girl over at PinUpFiles. This is 34HH cupper Leane Crow the epitome of young, slim and stacked.

Looks kind of similar to Jordon Carver, the other new slim and stacked glam model to appear recently over at PinUpFiles, only Leane seems to have no trouble getting her tits out! One to watch…

All pics courtesy of PinUpFiles

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24 Responses to “Leane Crow 34HH – New Girl at PinUpFiles”

  1. roy jones jr Says:

    Another amazing find. I don’t know how they do it! Wonder how old she is…

  2. hugey Says:

    Not sure Roy, looks early twenties I’d say. What a honey she is and looks really friendly in these pics

  3. femsup Says:

    To chocolate box for me not enough ummph.

  4. Breast Obsessed Says:

    Oh my god! She is so totally hot it’s unbelievable. Those can’t possibly be natural, but they sure look great! And a beautiful face, too. What a great find.

  5. Jeff L Says:


    Just… wow. Another great find! All at once she channels Miriam Gonzalez’s playful smile, Denise Milani’s tight curves, and somehow, out of the blue, Fuko’s planetary breasts.

    Which look — and I hope ARE — all-natural. Maybe I’m being dense but here’s to hoping.

    I saw less-polished photos of Leanne a few months back, and they looked amazing too. She really is the complete package.

    She’s British, yes?

  6. Handman Says:

    I nearly have a free had to type this. Most of the typing done with my chin – excuse typos!

    Wow! Very, very nice. And we can see them as well!!

  7. Tony Says:

    if they are natural i’ll be surprised

  8. Hugey Says:

    According to PinUpFiles she’s ALL NATURAL! And yes she is from the UK Jeff.

    Maybe when she fills out a bit Fem? What a starting point though.

    We’re on the same page with rhis one Jeff, reminded me instantly of Miriam Gonzalez too. And if the ALL NATURAL claims are right then yes she’s up there in Fuko territory!

    Exactly Handman unlike JCarver. I don’t mind a bit of teasing but if you’re not going to get them out at all then you’re in the wrong game right? Nimble typing BTW, despite the dilemma!

  9. Kitty Says:

    her breasts are real, you can tell by the shape and the way they ‘hang’.. she’s pretty but… she has no curvy hips =| flat butt

  10. Tony Says:

    I like the new “popular girls” layout :) Very nice!

  11. Jeff L Says:

    Thanks for the info, Hugey! Good to know I’m not seeing things.

    The fact Leanne is all-natural is a real blessing.

  12. hugey Says:

    You’re a hard girl to please Kitty :-)

    Glad you like the new section Tony. I’m always playing around with that old sidebar on the right! Never know what to put in there. Pics are always good linking to fresh parts of the site – especially for noobs first time on the site. Thanks for the feedback!!

  13. Kitty Says:

    Awh man I hope it wasn’t mean saying flat butt ect, Her body is nice but I love CURVY women.. :P even if it’s ‘small curvy’ shes just top heavy/out of proportion.. I’ll shut up now =x

  14. hugey Says:

    Hey Kitty – Just you express your opinions like everyone else around here. That’s what we like. Personally, I love girls that love curvy girls :-)

  15. femsup Says:

    I’m with you Kitty prefer round all over but its personality that counts.The camera unfortunately does lie and more than ever these days so not sure she is 100% genuine.

  16. Kitty Says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean femsup.. she looks friendly enough with her nice smile but who knows !

  17. Chris Says:

    Sorry but these have been shopped.. As for many most pinupfiles pics unfortunately.. This girl has been around on myspace for a while, sure she has very big tits, but these have been photoshopped. Just search her name + myspace and you’ll see for yourselves.

  18. Kitty Says:

    *GASP* it’s all a lie! ah well… good photoshop though

  19. hugey Says:

    Hi Chris – thanks for the post. However, I’m not really persuaded that they’re fake based on the pics on that Myspace page. The latest pic on that page seems to be from around 2 years ago.

    Girls can do a lot of growing in 2 years, particularly when they hit their early- mid-twenties.

    Case is still open for me :-)

  20. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    After being with over 10,000 pair of tits i can honestly tell everyone, these tits are fake.

    they do not come over the hill proportionalty, the way the curve is bumped up, is not natural.

    also her aureolas are rounded in a way that is manufactuered and not god given.

    as far as fake tits go, these are very well done, mind you i personally HATE and DESPISE fake tits, but the doctor that did these really had an eye for tits.

    unfortunatly they are 100% fake.

  21. motorhead Says:

    je suis ok avec toi m bernard z .rĂ¢per alias Markus haenggi , webmaster du site siliconefree mais je ne crois pas que tu as photographier 10.000 paire de seins
    une cinquantaine tout au plus .

  22. ca uk Says:

    @Bernard z grate,, ha ha shows what an expert you turned out to be didn’t it ha ha,, listen ive been a tit-man for over 40 years and what I don’t know about tits isn’t worth knowing and im telling you leanness tits are 100%REAL!!!

  23. motorhead Says:

    hello ca uk
    you are nothing just a fool and frustrated
    okay boy

  24. ca uk Says:

    @motorhead, ha ha I wasn’t even talking to you so why are you even getting your 2 pence worth,, another guy who knows fuck all about tits… see ya

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