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Leanne Crow: Black and White Pictures

Wow! I love these new black & white pictures of Leanne Crow from her official website LeanneCrow.com

It’s not often I see pictures of huge tit models shot in black and white and say, yes, that works! I usually think: I wish they had just given us these shots in colour. Not here! Not since these stunning black and white pictures of Anorei Collins have seen such good b&w big tit pictures. Kudos to LeanneCrow.com.

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Get the full picture set and over at LeanneCrow.Com.

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7 Responses to “Leanne Crow: Black and White Pictures”

  1. skoberti stef Says:

    The photographer and her zoom are the very best winner … more and more … can grow breast DD to HH only with zoom … the impression of 2 huge mountains on this poor Leanne … and Alice 85 JJ the impression of 2 huge planet earth on his plump body … What are real now … Photoshop … Zoom … Surgeon … and we have man who are a fan of huge breast ( poor Bone with nothing real to fantasize !!! … DD look now HH … FF look now KK …

  2. Breastaholic Says:

    @stef … not sure what you mean by ‘poor Leanne.’ This set looks GREAT!! That’s not a zoom lens, those are huge tits! Extremely high quality shots. They are really working at making lasting art here, like Daktari Lorenz. Very well done and beyond cock-stiffening — this is very intimate. She has such huge boobs, I can’t help wondering since I first saw her — are they 100% real?

  3. hugey Says:

    I’ve got to agree Breastaholic, this is top drawer photography and in a different league to 95% of what’s out there. I haven’t really posted much Leanne Crow stuff up until now but this set really caught my eye.

    Stef – Pic 3 looks like it’s taken with something like a 50mm lens (i.e. pretty much how the human eye would see it) and her tits look pretty big to me!

  4. skoberti stef Says:

    See pics of NinaDoll for exemple … some pics look very very huge , extemly big … but others ( much rare ) look like saggy 38 DD … and Leanne … no not again … no more discussion of her fake meat ( look like a rock lay down … lay down same things for Alicia 85 JJ ( i see pics of Alicia before 2012 ) … $$$ rules her world and lot of girls are ready to surgeon for more money ! its a reality … but some man dont want to see the reality because want always bigger …

  5. skoberti stef Says:

    Surgeon make dream come true … with laser for masking scar … lots of technique these day … in surgery and masking !!! if you have girl with natural DD in beginning they have better result for growing … they look very natural like result in the end …

  6. Breastaholic Says:

    I say post more on Leanne. She qualifies as having huge heavy hangers if you ask me. I would like to know more about the titty-tester’s verdict. I know someone checked out Jana Defi one time. Anyone doing that to Leanne? It’m willing to believe they might be real, despite what stef is carrying on about. Rachel Aldana is real and real big, and bigger than Leanne so I know it’s possible. I’d like to see more slim and stacked beauties with huge massive juggs that are real.

  7. luvembig Says:

    Very artistic. I love the monochrome. It gives them a retro look, which I love. Wish more photographers and web masters would do shoots like this.

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