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Mara: New Model at DivineBreasts

Great to see gorgeous Mara 38KK joining the ranks over at Divine Breasts…and lactating!!

Although she’s been around for sometime as a cam model, and done some work with Juggmaster, Mara is still pretty under-rated imo. Looking forward to seeing what she does with Divine Breasts

a couple of recent videos from Divine Breasts

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40 Responses to “Mara: New Model at DivineBreasts”

  1. @TeamBATz Says:

    She’s actually a N Cup now not a KK Cup

  2. hugey Says:

    According to DivineBreasts, she’s an O cup. I take all these measurements with a pinch of salt.

    KK, N, M, O, XYZ – it’s all good above KK!

  3. MisterC Says:

    Can’t tell from these views but I think I liked the Juggmaster shots better. Or the look she portrayed better anyway. Could be Juggmaster’s artistic ability is the visual diference

    Still great set of hangers regardless

  4. MisterC Says:

    Maybe Hugey should do a top 25. I kept toying with Juggmistress in my top 20 & Mara to. Hugey said he had a problem with good beauties being pushed off his page of 20.

    So many knockouts so little time. Mara is one of them for sure

  5. Josh McGlurk Says:

    She IS a sight to behold.
    that being said, the work over at DB sucks…..he uses the same boring music in his vids over and over and over. seldom does he publish the natural sound and/or dialogue. It’s not erotic nor interesting.

  6. hugey Says:

    Richie – Mimi request is logged. It’s in the queue!

  7. MisterC Says:

    Not to belabor a point, but look at the beauty in these pictures by JM:


  8. Charles Says:

    Oh yes! I’ve liked her for a while, she’s so pretty! I saw these vid clips at Dailymotion where she is called “Daisy” and they are just these cam-girl shots but some are pretty hot. Jaw dropper. When did she go for lacatation? Wowsa. Love it!

  9. Charles Says:

    … is there anything in those bottles??

  10. Boobers Says:

    The word–and the only word–is udders!

  11. morrd Says:

    she is american? Its funny I look some times for fun at backkpage here in newyork and the girls advised

  12. morrd Says:

    sorry about that fucked up post pressed button by accident ok?some escorts advertise they have huge boobs? and they really have nothing in the pic’s just maybe a DD @most.I have never used backpage!!..BUT!!! If there was huge boobed lady I would certainly think about it?Also I have seen a lot of false advertising?like use pic”s of famous boob models like kristina milan nadine jansen to lure customer’s..total bullshit!!! BUT!!! I think this would be a great thread topic wich big boob model also works as a call girl? I know summer lashay does also honey juggs does. who else does?

  13. morrd Says:

    Wow!!!JENNY HILL!!! I would fly there just to suck those boobs?AND GET MY CURRY AND CHIPS!!!….For my endless search for huge juggs I have looked at escort services in the uk that specialize in huge boobs and I must say there seems to be an abundance of huged boobed ladies working as call girls in the uk.In the states WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY!!………….?

  14. ca uk Says:

    have to say im not familiar with this young lady,, shes perhaps a little out of my size range.. that said shes certainly damn pretty!!!! @morrd ive never really looked into the whole escort thing to much but I can tell you that score model Alexis Silver was an escort in the leeds area for several years… big titty escorts are proberbly quite rare tho,, I was a regular visitor to lapdance and strip bars over the years and never found what I was looking for and usualy had to settle for a dd-cup at best.. I think there a serious gap in the market for a titty bar featuring plus size girls and g,j,and k cup models…

  15. Charlie Says:

    Wow,mara is a very pretty lady,love her stuff on dailymotion.Her huge breasts look really packed and very heavy,love the way her poundage lays there,plump and ripe.For me its all about size and volume,big is nice,but massive heavy hanging udders with gurth does it for me.Seeing massive breasts like that inperson,sends me spinning,heart pounding and just cant think straight,all i think about is what they might look like with her top off,hanging there braless and in my hands.

  16. morrd Says:

    CA UK…I never once got sex from backpage or craigslist…..BUT!! BUT!BUT!!…if there was a huge titted goddess like miosotis… kristina milan….maximoon….or if summmer lashey was in new york avertising her self I’m there! I’m gonna look for summer lashey to see when she’s coming around…..But I have gone in to a few asian massage palors? if I might say so my self!!!.JUST MY OBSESSION WITH HUGE JUGGS DRIVES ME.

  17. morrd Says:

    by the way is it me or has this lass’s watermelons gotten a lot bigger?

  18. hugey Says:

    you’ve just got to know where to look! Don’t say I’m not good to you (UK list):


    Curvaceous Caledonia



    Shanice Richards

    Carol Brown




    busty dakota




    Ellie Lloyd 32L




    Also, see here

  19. morrd Says:

    Wow!!!..hugey that’s what I’m talking about! you don’t have this here in new york I have looked at this site before but never saw this woman nice!

  20. luvembig Says:

    Wow Mara is really hot. She really the same girl you posted from the Juggmaster site, MisterC? There is a huge difference in the quality. I’m going to have to check out those photos… I do seem to remember the post and marveling in how incredible she was.

  21. MisterC Says:

    Oh yes I am pretty sure of it….Can’t hide the eye similarities

  22. MisterC Says:

    Amazingly beautiful when she wants to properly throw on the makeup. This woman’s potential is huge in many ways, but that is just my opinion……This face & breast shot speaks for itself. Even a blind skinnie minnie lover would appreciate this beauty:


  23. Charles Says:

    Great photo MisterC, that’s the one that caught my attention too. She has darling eyes! She’s really special because of her youth too. What I mean by that is that she seems to be growing! She looks like the left boob is getting bigger than the right one, too (well our left). Not only is she HHB and pendulous, but growing bigger! She reminds me of Sapphire. Remember how small Sapphire was when she started when she was this age? Wow, Mara has the potential to be super if she has that type of increase!!

  24. supercalo22 Says:

    Wow I love her new look. Have to agree with DB not being that great they have the best models but so frustrating watching the girls bouncing around and such and hearing nothing but shitty techno music. Have mentioned that in their suggestions section many times.

  25. supercalo22 Says:

    Hey Hugey that’s quite a list of escorts, anything for your buddies across the pond?

  26. morrd Says:

    across the pond HA!!!…..We have backpage and it suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssss!!!!

  27. Juggsman Says:

    Hugey Is correct Adultwork is the best place to search for escorts it has a great search feature you can find the escort by cup size. This currently stops at L so any M cup escorts come up on an L search. The best in my opinion is Mystique huge and very heavy udders and a lovely lady, she tours cheque her out you will have a huge smile after your visit.

  28. supercalo22 Says:

    Yeah not using backpage not trying to get robbed or killed. I know Cotton Candi tours the US. Also know from experience Ms. Diva and Simone AKA Thick Fudge do escorting.

  29. Boobers Says:

    Richie–I get jealous each time I read about you meeting Jenny Hill. I would literally travel across the pond for that experience. Shame I could not have met her when she travelled to the US. Obviously things in her life have changed to where she does not need the income from either that nor her website.

    I suspect she has settled down, is earning money from a different job, or has a significant other who earns plenty and that chapter of her life is now closed. Pity for us though lol.

    Does anyone recall the fan shoot she did? You can see the 20 second video of it online if you search Jenny Hill Busty Fan. I think you paid something like 100 pounds for an hour or so of shooting her topless. Looks as if she only got two guys to pay which I suspect was a disappointment from a sales perspective. May have contributed to her decision to shut the website down and effectively retire.

  30. Boobers Says:

    As someone who has met Summer LaShay, let me say she is a really sweet and lovely young lady. A pleasure to spend time with.

  31. Boobers Says:

    How much did you spend on those 2 hours?

  32. Charles Says:

    Boobers the JH fan photo shoot was when she OPENED bbwjennyhil.com … I suppose yeah the turn out was low, but she appears to have been having a great time with them! That was not the last thing she did. That was the FIRST thing to kick off that new website and it was running for a couple years at least, with a lot of good content. She had guests like Shar (Juggmaster model) and then came the ‘Big Boob Summit’ thing. It was just after that when she seems to have vanished. Looking at some of the final photos, I had thought I saw some kind of a blemish on her breast. I might have been imagining, but maybe someone who’s met her can verify. I was thinking she had some kind of blotch appear and that made her choose to stop modeling??? There was never a good explanation for it in her forums. It was like bam! one day she was there, then the next day she had quit.

  33. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    if anyone can get a contact e mail for her, i would LOVE to shoot her for http://www.siliconefree.com

    where as divine breasts shoots very raw and cold and jugg master shoots extra soft

    i would shoot in between, reality like your there nothing added nothing taken away

    help me help you

  34. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    by the way she clearly is a 36 K to my expert eyes

  35. AUHSOJ Says:

    Check out winkingdaisys.tumblr.com

  36. Femsup Says:

    So full and strong.


  37. MisterC Says:

    Good post femsup & yep someone said she has grown, and i concur completely. Of course coming motherhood may have something to do with it, so it could recede as it does with some women. None the less it ain’t like she wasn’t hot & blessed before the motherly swelling so who cares.

  38. Mara fan Says:

    Find more Mara here http://clips4sale.com/store/46289
    She’s winkingdaisys on tumblr, twitter, instagram and on MyFreeCams.

  39. Mara fan Says:

    That bra that’s wearing is a 40N… seems like someone “expert eyes” are needing checked

  40. Krille Says:


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