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Mary Waters Vintage Huge Breasts

I’ve been meaning to do some vintage posts for ages and finally got around to it today. So, first up, Mary Waters. She’s come up time and again in the comments.

Mary features in two of the Titanic Tits Series movies over at HotMovies – Titantic Tits and Titantic Tits 3. The clip above is taken from Titantic Tits 3 featuring other vintage huge boobers from the 1970s Virginia Bell, Ulla, Letitia, Jamaican Diane. Mary also features in Titantic Tits 1 with Wanda, Elaine and Letita

Titanic Tits 3

Titanic Tits 1

If you want to watch the full movies, I always recommend Hot Movies. They have the whole vintage Titanic Tits Series from the excellent Big Top Video Studio.

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29 Responses to “Mary Waters Vintage Huge Breasts”

  1. Tony Says:


    One thing I don’t miss about that era of big boob vids is the lack of good angles and bouncing boob action.

    Thank god for the HD 1080p Canon HF S100 cam!

  2. Tony Says:

    And not the intentional bouncing boob action, but the natural bounce from environmental and conditional situations. Like the Milena Velba running up the stairs, and one of my top ten bouncing boob action shots was Nadine Jansen on the elliptical machine. But nothing beats the Merilyn boxing match ‘Interview’ from Overdeveloped Amteture; and yes, the buying of 1 month only is a major drawback to his/that sight.

  3. clarity Says:

    Good points, Tony. When I look back at 70s porn (my first experience was “Deep Throat” in an actual “adult theater”), it really looks terrible except for a few scenes. But damn it was hot then. That was back in the days when magazine stores had a quarter of the store devoted to nude magazines like Gent and Hustler. Mary Waters’ pendulous breasts was perhaps my first love of the voluptuous, larger woman. She brought shape to her curves and made our blood boil with lust.

    Wish these old gals would return to do a “Where are they now?” tour!

  4. Hugey Says:

    Tony – yeah, I know what you mean about HD but there’s something magical about old film that you don’t get these days with pin-sharp video.

  5. Hugey Says:

    Tony – I know exactly the scenes you’re talking about with Velba, Jansen and Merilyn. All unforgettable and all great because of the imagination of the filmaker. Particularly love the scene of Milena Velba coming down that staircase – breathtaking!

  6. Hugey Says:

    “She… made our blood boil with lust”. Great quote Clar, pretty much sums up what those early huge breast experiences were like for me

  7. Tony Says:

    One classic I really miss is Darlene Lupone. Almost anything she did was a epic!

    Hugey – Which one was that? Another one of Milena’s great scenes was a HDV called wiping where she is wiping down the wood flooring etc with a white towel. There is a scene at the very end where they do an upshot and it is one of the most amazing minute and a half of natural breast action I’ve ever seen. I think she has a pair of blue-jeans on during the shoot.

    Mary Waters had some breasts that made your mouth water!

  8. Hugey Says:

    I’m thinking of the Velba scene were she’s out walking and during the scene she’s filmed coming down a staircase. It’s a kind of spiral staircase and the camera is positioned at the foot of the staircase.

    Other favourite is called HYGIENE were she’s filmed washing at a sink. Some of the upshots are awesome.

  9. femsup Says:

    Mary Waters was the first Huge Breasted woman I really went forthat I found in porn.Its her face it looks so dominant to me.

  10. femsup Says:

    I can imagine what Ms Velba coming down stairs must be like and of course seeing her from below.Movement that is natural rather than the contrived is wonderful.Not that a huge pair being hsked is bad just not as good.

  11. Tony Says:

    I think it’s Mrs Velba, not sure though

  12. Tony Says:

    OMG, yes! Hygiene is amazing!!!

  13. Hugey Says:

    Would be such a waste is it wasn’t Mrs Velba! One lucky man if it is

  14. Hugey Says:

    Fem – I can only recall images of Mary, and I always though she looked very shy & gentle in them. However, when you see her in flix she definitely looks more domineering

  15. Tony Says:

    Heard she was an 18 wheeler, truck driver..

  16. femsup Says:

    I’m taking up hitch hiking very soon.

  17. Tony Says:

    lol, why is that?

  18. Hugey Says:

    Who’s an 18 wheel truck driver – Velba?

  19. Tony Says:

    Mary Waters

  20. femsup Says:

    So that Mary can have her wicked wy with me in her truck Tony.I will have to show a bit of leg though to make her stop.Perhaps a bit of bottom if she likes them tight and peachey.

  21. Hugey Says:

    Tony – wow, amazing! How do you go from 70s porn icon to truck driver? Would love to read her story, I’ll bet it’s an interesting one.

    Do you know anything else about her? She must be a good age now?

  22. Tony Says:

    I’m going by what I remember reading. I don’t know how credible the source was but that’s what I remember.

    I could imagine those other truckers were on the CB radio trying to convince her to show her big boobs; I’m only speculating here.

  23. femsup Says:

    What was her call sign?Its true i read it too including the heavy drug use in the 70′s.In the desert of thin boobless women to find her was an oasis.

  24. Tony Says:

    lol, nice desert analogy femsup, lol

  25. Hugey Says:

    A dessert in the desert, so to speak!

    Wow, can just imagine her in her truck. Perhaps looking a little older and world weary, possibly wearing a truckers thick red checked shirt.

    But inside that baggy shirt there’s still a huge pair of soft and warm breasts waiting. Big, heavy and veiny!

  26. femsup Says:

    MMMM those huge breasts all sweaty from being inside a rigs cab in the Summer with the A/C broken.Her huge veiny breasts swaying and jolting to the movement of the truck and the bumps in the road.A tight pair of jeans or denim shorts in navy blue.Jiggle,jolt,judder.

    “Hello good buddy Holly Waters here 10- 4 sure is hot today and no A/C got to take my top off and let them flap and wobble. Cant wait for a nice shower and an oiling of my boobs before bedtime”

  27. lovthebiggies Says:

    I grew up watching these huge boobs and I am really glad people still love naturals. She was 1 of my first into the world of LARGE boobs and still enjoy ‘em.

  28. femsup Says:

    Yes Tony it was a desert as the default beauty was a skeletal woman with bee sting boobs.We live in amazing times where we acn enjoy seeing huge breasts everyday.

  29. femsup Says:

    It seems that Mary Waters was the catalyst for so many peoples huge breast mania.She should be given a statue.

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