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Maxi 32JJ milking her huge heavy aching breasts

Three things that make Huge Heavy Breasts even better: (1) when they’re bared while wearing tight blue jeans; (2) when they’re tied tightly together; and (3) when they’re swollen with milk.

Any two combined would be a highlight, but here Maxi 32JJ gets all three done in style.

Maxi32jj picsMaxi32jj picsMaxi32jj picsMaxi32jj pics

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19 Responses to “Maxi 32JJ milking her huge heavy aching breasts”

  1. steve Says:

    its sad this has gone,twas perfect milking video need more of this

  2. hugey Says:

    yeah, bummer, the video has been pulled.

    Anyway, I’ll look into doing more posts on heavy milk swollen breasts :-)

  3. steve Says:

    you got it back. you made me vvvvvery happy oh to be that tray!!!!!!!!!

  4. hugey Says:

    yeah, thankfullly it was re-posted. I just love the sound of Maxi’s milk hitting that tray – inspired video shot!

    For full effect, turn up the volume loud – the sound of ‘milk on tin’ and ‘Maxi’s moaning’ is music to this Huge Heavy Breast lovers ears…

  5. steve Says:

    yeah love the moaning as she drains them huge milk bags, it works for every time so to speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. steve Says:

    for me everytime , can not get enough of this vid.

  7. steve Says:

    surely i cannot be the only one obsessed with this?

  8. hugey Says:

    you’re the only one admitting to it :-)

    however, just had a look at the site stats and there’s some other heavy users out there…..including myself!

  9. hugey Says:

    are you watching it in full screen mode?

    if not, click small window/arrow ikon to the left of works ‘Daily Motion’ underneath video….

  10. hugey Says:

    BTW, thinking of renaming this post ‘Maxi milks her 32JJs into a tray for Steve’ :-)

  11. steve Says:

    help it’s gone, me sad.

  12. hugey Says:

    Hey Steve, got it back up and running again for you mate :-)

    For now anyway

  13. steve Says:

    love you keep getting this back, life is not the same without it.

  14. steve Says:

    i’ve thrown out as much as maxi today alone myself ,no baking tray though!!!!!!!!

  15. steve Says:

    she makes me very !

  16. Maxi 32JJ huge lactating tits Says:

    [...] may remember I previously posted some awesome Maxi milking pics and video here – incidently, haven’t heard from you for a while Steve if you’re reading! Still [...]

  17. adan Says:

    damn how i wish to be there n suck all that warm juice milk ……….thats the girl i wanna meet with huge tits n milk alot on those beatiful tits very nice vid

  18. Tony Says:

    HOw the hell did i miss this post? I do have that video though :)

  19. clarity Says:

    Maxi is one of the ALL-TIME great bodies in human female history. Her pregnant photos will forever be second only to Nadine Jansen’s. Too bad Nadine delivered early. Would have loved to seen her at a full eye-popping 9 months.

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