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Meet Jennica Lynn: New Discovery at XL Girls

Here are some pictures from the Meet Jennica Lynn Debut at XL Girl. She’s a new discovery from Sweden now living in the UK.

As well as this shoot, Meet Jennica Lynn (photos and video), there’s a bonus video called Taking Her Measure. See below. All now available at XL Girl.

Scandanavian beauty Jennica Lynn: Taking Her Measure Video

Get the Full Picture Set and HD Videos at XL Girls.

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9 Responses to “Meet Jennica Lynn: New Discovery at XL Girls”

  1. rudnagle Says:

    She works at MyFreeCams and she has an amazing personality and of course wonderful tits.

  2. Gaz Says:

    Nice curves. She’s sexy. I loved her Swedish accent in the previous video but she seems to have lost it already and just sounds like a generic American.

  3. luvembig Says:

    Wow, stunning find, Hugey. Very nice, indeed!

  4. luvembig Says:

    Anyone else see a resemblance to Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame? Of course Jennica has a much bigger chest. Would love to see her in that Wonder Woman outfit.

  5. festive Says:

    she is so beautiful. Is she over weight enough for you guys? I know you guys like more plump women.

  6. bigboobluva Says:

    She’s hot. I think she’s gonna make it far in this business

  7. Hugey Says:

    Luvembig – yes, there is a resemblance to Lynda Carter. Much heavier girl but definitely has some of Wonder Woman’s power…

    “In your satin tights,
    Fighting for your rights”

  8. Hugey Says:

    Festive – Plenty big enough for me! Just gorgeously plump and proportioned imo.

    Size wise, Jennica reminds me a little of Cierra who, for me, has a twenty out of ten, go weak at the knees perfect body…

    Check out Cierra’s pictures here.

  9. Big tits Says:

    It’s so nice to see how much FULL AND FIRM are here huge tits! Jennica Lynn is amazing! Especially for the wonderful face and eyes.

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