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Milena Velba: New 2012 Pictures

Milena Velba is another lady who just gets sexier and sexier. Here’s a selection of pics from some of Milena Velba’s new 2012 updates…

milena velba 2012 new pictures updates

Quite possibly the BEST EVER imho, Milena has got everything! The body, the looks, the smile, the style and something else unquantifiable. It also helps that she’s got a great photographer.




Get more of Milena Velba at her official website Milena-Velba.De.

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19 Responses to “Milena Velba: New 2012 Pictures”

  1. Henk Says:

    Wow, Westy is hot!

  2. Serious Says:

    Mmmmmm how about a set with Milena and Chloe, my pants hurt just thinking about it

  3. skoberti stef Says:

    too perfect … fun to see … but always always boring … considered very huge breast in her debut ( some pics of her breast look seem not big like other … the photograph ( very good ) play with perspective and angle to grow the impression of very huge ) … but the industries move … lot of girls have bigger real breast now … and much more exitting to see … with her no emotion pics like abi secra … she is ok but not magic compare to her debut … its only my opinion !!!

  4. dcboom Says:

    Now this is how a women ages well. No airbrushing, Chloe are you listening?

  5. Femsup Says:

    A wonderful warm human being with a real well founded sexuality.She is comfortable with herself and is empowered and in command of her life. Her senusality just shines through in her work.She must be very good to work with.

  6. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    a magnificent pair of tits. fair and square. really big and heavy compared to her thiness.

    she is a legend!

  7. mg Says:

    Epic woman, indeed.

    One of the sexiests ever.

  8. John Doe Says:

    who is the blonde woman?

  9. luvembig Says:

    The girl in the green dress, and squirting milk in the last pic is Vendy. I’m really developing a thing for her the more and more I see her. She has also been on Nadine Jansen’s site, too.

  10. SueBB Says:

    Simply the best there is in erotic moeling she has a sexuality second to none as well as a fun loving side.
    Takes my breath away everytime I see her.

  11. Charles Says:

    Simply the best on Earth!! I was hooked the moment I first saw her back in mid 2000s. Her breast size, lactation, pretty face, and slender figure have put her at the very top of my breast fetish pyramid. I’d do anything for her and stay loyal for life if I was her lucky guy. I am surprised to see her photos, I thought her site was copyright protected. Her website and photographer have discovered the largest of the large breast models in the past 10 years and she remains #1 for me. She has it all. Would totally be her baby daddy and lover forever. I think Abbi Secraa is more glamorous, and is the “Farrah Faucett of big breast models” but something about Milena … she has a sparkle in the eye and seems more intelligent and would be more fun to spend time with. Plus I know more German than Polish, lol.

  12. jamie Says:

    Im going to have shoot a hands free load in my pants soon. this is so hot.

  13. Carl Bennett Says:

    skoberti stef. Seeing as it’s only your opinion I think you should keep your opinion to yourself…Milena has never been fake and never will be. I doubt very much you would find another lady of her age with a body like her’s…And that’s not just my opinion it’s thousands of opinions!!!

  14. amr Says:

    i love big tits milna vilba

  15. tit mad Tony Says:

    A really lovely girl in every way.
    Just a pity she doesn’t smile more to make her appear softer and more loving instead of ” I’m doing it for money”!!!

  16. guyl Says:

    Milena is the most perfect woman ever created. She has silky hair, a warm smile and beautiful face, and a womanly body to die for. Those tits are absolutely perfect and as I’ve told her many times with her beautiful tits her shapely legs and ass get totally overlooked. The way she shines in her movies and picture sets she appears to have a very loving and playful personality. Get the drift boys & girls, Milena is female perfection. This is not just my opinion, it’s fact.

  17. Carl Bennett Says:

    In reply to skoberti stef:- A woman breasts are never the same size, one breast is always larger than the other, and that goes for every woman. Look closer and you will see!!

  18. toufik Says:

    tus es manific milna trs bon boobs sexe

  19. toufik Says:

    jaim baucou le sein gros et bom chance a toi et je taime avis

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