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Milena Velba: Sport with Vendy

Holy crap! What I wouldn’t do to have a grope of Milena Velba‘s massive tits! That’s exactly what Vendy does in these new Milena Velba Pictures called Sport with Vendy.

Surely this isn’t the end of the road for Milena? It can’t be – we need her! She’s in-her-prime. She’s too curvy, too sexy, too top-heavy, too perfect, too fucking gorgeous goddamit! Please keep MilenaVelba.com open.

Get all of Milena Velba’s Pictures and Videos at her official website Milena-Velba.com.

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25 Responses to “Milena Velba: Sport with Vendy”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Like the well defined mound poking through the material of Vendy’s trews. Milena is magnificent as ever and should be on stamps in the future. Then I could lick her backside.

  2. morrd Says:


  3. Charles Says:

    Man Oh, man! I’m just sittin here realizing I’d be satisfied to bust nuts with Vendy for a good long time if I was ever lucky enough to meet her. She’s plenty big to make a man happy! But when Milena comes round she looks so much smaller! LOL. Loving it! Pic 5 is awesome, it shows the Valley of Happiness!

  4. mr nasty Says:

    How much do you think Milena could sell an ounce of her tit milk for to one of us tit hounds? Would you give 100 bucks? What about an ounce of her pee? Even higher…I’d guess.

  5. Syreata Says:

    Milena’s facial expression on that top pic is comical. She is such a ham. I have been watching her video with Angela White(http://www.vporn.com/mature/milena-playing-with-busty-angela-in-candy-shop/273516/) A LOT lately and I find her facial expressions when she has breast sex with other women so funny on the whole.

    I would love to hang around her because she seems like she knows how to have fun and women with a great sense of humor(especially looking like MV) is such a turn on to me. And the breast play between us would be awesome. I would love to dom her.

    Anyways, Vendy look cute too. She should have pulled the zipper from her top down just a little bit to show a tease of her C-vage but I like that she’s not wearing a bra.

  6. TheThrasher91 . Says:

    Milena velba needs do hardcore, milena today is very boring always the same models and this sucks

  7. Syreata Says:


    People have had this debate about her(and some other models who don’t go hardcore) and this is what she is and whether you like it or not, people appreciate the fact that what she is.

    Now if she stop her site, I wouldn’t mind potential webcamming from her with guests for potential softcore. I do think your criticism on her getting newer models are valid. I wouldn’t mind seeing another woman of color posing(or doing softcore) with her, like she did with Mio and Dominican Poison.

  8. covey_NL Says:

    I’d rather hope Milena doesn’t do any ‘core’ ever … she does great!

    If you are bored, there are plenty of others much more models like Leanne Crow, Wendy Fiore, Jordan Carver, Agnetis Miracle, Rachel Aldana, Jana Defi, Ewa Sonnet, Tessa Fowler, Lorna Morgan, Abbi Secraa who produce much more quality and exiting material 24/7.

    @Syreata … and what other woman of color which comes close could pose with Milena aside from the ones you mentioned? I only know of MaseratiXXX …

  9. Syreata Says:


    How about her: http://titstoob.blogspot.com/2014/08/ebony-l-cup-tits-dominating-tight-dress.html (this is HugeTatas69: http://hugeheavybreasts.com/blog/huge-tits-on-webcam-new-finds/) There are many more, but this would be an awesome start.

    And I am talking about just a photoshoot with them.

  10. TheThrasher91 . Says:

    if milena velba do not follow with your website she would have to experiment with new things for example dildos, lesbian sex, masturbation, cocksucking.

  11. Femsup Says:

    Its lovely to see how the sheer weight of her breasts makes them visible through an opaque top the way she does.

  12. ca uk Says:

    lovely shots of these two,, look at the feature picture,, wonderfull camel toe on westy.. love it when chicks don’t wear panties in these leggings!!!!!!

  13. ca uk Says:

    @syreata,, hope you don’t mind me asking but do you ever wear leggings like this and do you ever wear them without panties??? hope I haven’t overstepped the mark by asking this!!!!

  14. ca uk Says:

    @syreata,, really enjoyed the clip with angela white…. both very playfull here and quite clearly really enjoying this…. im a huge fan of angela white and love all her work at score,, its interesting that angela has by most girls standards very large titties but there totally dwarfed by milena in every aspect here… wonderfull clip syreata many thanks…

  15. ca uk Says:



  16. syreata Says:

    @Ca uk: hope you don’t mind me asking but do you ever wear leggings like this and do you ever wear them without panties???

    Me: I love tights, though I don’t wear that often, especially in the summer. When I do, I tend to go without panties because I don’t like panty lines. It’s not for provocative reasons why I do it, but style reasons.

  17. Charles Says:

    I liked the Angela White scene with Milena and the vacuum cleaner. Good clip! I had not seen her ‘debut’ before, but I did see her performance on PornFidelity with Kelly Madison and Ryan. Kelly’s boobs are simply ginormous compared to Angela too. VERY hot scene with Ryan, I won’t give graphic detail here but she looked great, and it was simply smoking hot.

  18. ca uk Says:

    @syreata,, many thanks for the answer,, have to say tights without panties is a lovely thing but I understand many women use this as a style thing as you pointed out!!!!

    @Charles.. yes ive seen angelas scene with Kelly,, sure its great but I just cant get past ryan when I watch any of Kelly.. I really dislike him,, hes arrogant and all ego…. love Kelly tho, really heavy naturals with great shape..

  19. ca uk Says:

    look how small westys hands are against milena in that last pic… more indication of the size of her..

  20. D Says:

    Milena has been a source of inspircumpertation (yeah i went there) for some time, i love her updates and her cheeky smile when she knows i’m watching, But get with the time girl, you need to go bigger than your own website, its not changed in 10 years :(, join up with another good one and thrive, it wont make money if you don’t branch out like my wood does when i see her!!

    Milena Luvva for 10 years + keep it coming Milena hunny even just for the loyal fans you have

  21. Dutchess Says:

    Great exposay hugey of the myth that women with large breasts cant do sport too! Winning Olympic medals is out of the question but no excuses (except in extreme cases) not to take part and keep fit


    I also may have seen one of Milena trying her hand at tennis, less successfully tho. lol.

  22. covey_NL Says:

    Damn, the 2nd part of the Sport photoshoot with Vendy is even better!! :-)

  23. Femsup Says:


    I just love Milena on the bike and Nadine playing squash. Its seeing a woman just moving naturally and doing ordinary things that is so so so sexy.

  24. covey_NL Says:

    Although I think Milena is the best big bust model of the last decade and still is going stronger than all the other big bust models with more professional photo shoots, better (girl/girl) videos, more personal fun and more professional commitment I get the impression that Milena somehow lost quite some mass in her boobs.

    Although she has enormous tits, I doubt she is still an 36J and personally I think that if she would do another photo shoot with for example Issy, if comparing their tits it would make Issy’s juggs come out on top of Milena’s tits.

    Could be just my imagination or wish ;)

    I hope that Milena will do her final photoshoots b4 her website closes with at least one woman with huge tits of the sorts like Lantti Irres or Issy. With all those relatively smaller girls is fun but Milena going tit to tit with a huge breasted woman is in my opinion more exiting and I am always curious to see if Milena’s tits r bigger or will her guestmodel’s tits be bigger and ok, yes … in a way dominate Milena’s

  25. stevo Says:

    Check out her upcoming set with Hitomi Tanaka. She is a 34J but she tweeted that Milena’s boobs were far bigger than hers.

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