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Miosotis new site ‘Club Miosotis’

Earlier in the week I posted about Miosotis hardcore debut over at Cherokeed Ass. Well, today I found out that the Cherokeed Ass website has just been acquired by the Studio that runs Big Tits Curvy Asses and importantly the Tits and Ass Pass – if you check out their tour page you’ll see at the bottom it includes not only Cherokeed Ass but also what must be Miosotis’ new website Club Miosotis!

So if you want to follow Miosostis’ new hardcore career it looks like the Tits and Ass Pass is the way to go – you’ll get her hardcore debut over at Cherokeed Ass and all her new updates on Club Miosotis as they appear.

Oh, nearly forgot. Here’s some promo clips from Miosotis hardcore debut below:

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3 Responses to “Miosotis new site ‘Club Miosotis’”

  1. daboobluva1 Says:

    whazzup dude? Who knows when or if Miosotis’ club will open, but one thing for sure, there will be a long line at the door. On the similar note, it seems her previous website is still running, even though the sign-up tab in the join section doesn’t work, so if you are already a member, fine, but those who missed out on some exeptional photo layouts and video will come up short. Her previous handler, Daktari Lorenz, may be in a bit of denial, but only time will tell. Seems like we’ll ALL have to wait to see what becomes of our voluptuous heroine….

  2. hugey Says:

    Hi daboobluva1,
    Good to hear from you – yes, ‘Club Miosotis’ how about that!

    I checked out Mio’s old site earlier and the Join button was working fine – couldn’t image why Daktari would want to stop making money! Let’s face it there’s still going to be an ongoing demand for Mio’s older material. It’s unlikely that the quality there is going to be matched or surpassed. You never know :-) but somehow I doubt it!

    So, Miosotis has joined one of the big studios! You know, although I’m looking forward to her doing something new – and I reckon she’ll be a busy girl in the coming months – like many, I’m still a bit unsure about the whole thing. It all seems to have happened so quickly, perhaps I’m still in shock!

    I reckon she’ll put in a big appearance on Big Tits and Curvy Assess (Incredible Studio’s biggest and best known site) very soon, to launch things followed by lots of updates on her own new site ‘Club Miosotis’ followed by more BTCA. Then, if her fore-sistas are anything to go by – that’ll be followed by LIVE webcam work on imLive or Webcams.com :-)

  3. adenikinjusijibomi Says:

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