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Miosotis shines in sexy lingerie

Another great picture and video set just released over at Scoreland. This is Miosotis first hardcore scene with the SCORE Group.

Thumbs up to the guys at SCORE for propelling Miosotis back into the huge breast stratosphere again. Right up where she belongs!

Get the full picture set and video at Scoreland.

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8 Responses to “Miosotis shines in sexy lingerie”

  1. femsup Says:

    Lovely pattern on that bra.That 7th pic is great.Its almost as if the weight of her breasts are holding him down and as strong as he is the massive volume of them is pining him to the bed.

    The 8th pic has him about to suckle her.Her breasts are still partially pining him down but she is allowing him some movement to show his willingness to suckle semi voluntarily.

    The 10th pic shows his hands trapped between her breasts as strongly as any hand cuffs.She is not going to let him go till she gets what she wants from him.

  2. hugey Says:

    Oh to be pinned down my Miosotis.

    I love her BIG SHINY BRA in this set. Reminds me of that discussion we had about BIG NORMA’s shiny bra

  3. femsup Says:

    I agree that a big shiny bra especially as suave and sophisticated a one as Miosotis is wearing is attractive.But I can as intimated in the link you gave get excited by a worn “lived in” bra too.One that perhaps has had to carry outsize extraordianary loads which has led to straps breaking and having to be repaired.

    Having huge breasts that move about from say running for a bus or train mean that there is tremendous strain on the bra.

    As I said its nice to see a tarnished shiny bra with imperfections in it that in a way make it perfect.

    One recurring fantasy is to be a motorist stranded in a Southern U.S. town run by a local family of huge breasted women.The youngest of the women wears tight shor shorts with tears in them and a no top other than a well worn bra.This is stained and threadbare in places.Its her everyday bra one of two she posesses
    the other being her Sunday best.Its been handed down to her from her elder sisters and her mother and grandmother before them.

    Its a symbol of her familys power in the community and of her fidelity to that family.

    I once remember reading an article in “Juggs” on tit art.One picture which stuck with me was of two huge breasted women swapping bras.They were poor but had great community spirit.They shared a camaraderie of the huge breasted woman who knows how difficult it is to get hold of nice bras or sometimes bras of any sort for their humongous breasts.

    They are baring their chests a sign of freindship and solidarity and are handing each other a bra.Its a swap but you feel it may be for a specific period and that the owners will get their origional bra back.They will share the sweat from their mammary glands and will privately smell them.They will run their fingers over the material and remember what a good freind to each other they are.

    There may be milk stains and a milky smell to the bras.They are happy that they have found someone with breasts as huge as theirs who they have so much in common with whether
    class wise or as women or as huge breasted women.

    They will be able to talk about models of bras and feelings and textures of them and how they bite into or cramp them in different ways and comiserate with each other over carrying the weight of them or how the straps bite into their backs.

    They will tell each other of the joys that bras have elicited from their partners how the bras have held their huge breasts prominently and got appreciative lusting looks from strange men and women.

    Why can’t there be a sort of lending library but for bras where women can come in and hire a bra for a day or week as they are so big in the chest that they find it hard to find the styles they want for the right money.

  4. femsup Says:

    Love clothed semi clothed or naked huge breasts each has their appeal.

  5. hugey Says:

    Wow Fem – completely missed this epic comment you made!

    “The youngest of the women wears tight shorts with tears in them and a no top other than a well worn bra” – she sounds amazing! I’ll bet she knows how to use those huge bra clad tits to her advantage.

    I want a job in that bra library!

  6. femsup Says:

    We would both have to apply our extensiver knowledge of measureing breasts and learn about fitting bras.We would be doing worthwhile work finding good and exotic bras for huge breasted women.They would of course have to try on several before settling on the one or more they wanted.

    We would have to learn bra care and mending.Long hours of the drudgery of handling and hefting huge heavy breasts would build our muscles.Straining to close tight hooks would work the same magic.

  7. michaeljames Says:

    love these tits so big so soft so real no silicone in these huge natural tits,thats the way the breasts should be like huge but real I would love to rub my hands all over her huge tits and cover them in vaseline,making them a nice shiny moist massive mounds,then we would shower together and I would spend hours on those lovely huge boobs making the soap run down the huge deep cleavage.then I would love to see her in a nice sexy outfit like a latex suit the massive boobs making the latex near transparent thats how big her tits are,my fantasy a cum dream I wish for,mike xxx.

  8. michaeljames Says:

    she might not be the prittest woman around but who gives a shit when she got tits that big,she must have the biggest natural tits around not like those silicon crap if you aint got it dont flaunt something that you payed for,like cc huge massive but payed for and the new girl on the block beshine another pay as you go.girl they might look stunning dressed but under that makeup hides pounds and pounds of heavy sillicone bags.eeeeuch.what a sight,mike,xxx.

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