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Miosotis working with XX-Cel

Great news for Miosotis fans! Mio has been working with French connoisseur XX-Cel. Great to see Mio in poses I’ve never seen her in before.

Kudos to the maestro for attracting Miosotis over to his studio and getting the best out of this 1 in a million model! Hope there’s some great video to follow..

Get the full picture set over at XX-Cel.

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12 Responses to “Miosotis working with XX-Cel”

  1. Jeff L Says:

    I agree, Hugey. It’s great to see Miosotis veer away from the slutty, unhappy, washed out phase she was in for a while. She looks SO much better in these upbeat, boob-happy photos!

    Thanks, XX-Cel, for bringing a goddess back to us.

  2. Tony Says:

    Check out the new discovery Terry Jane, fuckin huge ass rack 34JJ and cute as fuck!

  3. Tony Says:

    EDIT: Terri Jane apparently

  4. Hugey Says:

    Yes, she’s on my radar Tony. Saw her on a couple of blogs already. Is she 100% natural? She looks like she could be: kind of same body type as Nadine J when she started out…

  5. Tony Says:

    Yes, self admits that she is 100% natural, that is amazing my friend

  6. Sean Says:

    Apart from the fact she has great assets, is it just me finding funny she’s wearing some scruffy socks during this shoot :)

  7. shandy Says:

    nice to see she keeps her socks on.lol love her.and pic 7 omg.

  8. stefanny Says:

    Miosotis is the queen … and she is alone on his world … the exeption on the planet earth …

  9. stefanny Says:

    terri jane !!! dont seem natural … her breast look like Julia Miles … The next great natural said voluptuous in her debut … you remember !

  10. hugey Says:

    Yes Stefanny, I remember the Julia Miles hype well!

    I’d like to have a good look at Terri Jane before I pass judgement. On first impressions (based on a acouple of promo pics) she does look promising but I’m reluctant to join that site she’s on – looks like all the other models on it are stick-insects with bee-sting size tits, lol.

    Unless I see some spectacular pics I’m going to wait and see if she does some work with heavier chested sites! Let’s face it, if she’s that good, that shouldn’t take long…

  11. hugey Says:

    Lol Sean, yes the dodgy socks didn’t go unnoticed here either! Mio is one sexy lady but, man, those socks, especially in the otherwise sexy tit & crotch shot, didn’t come out of the lingerie drawer did they, lol.

    Must have been cold in Cel’s studio! C’mon Cel, get the finger out and get some decent carpets, lol.

  12. femsup Says:

    Yes shandy that 7th small pic with that huge boob next to her delicious pussy.Imagine rubbing from one to the other.Licking too.Oh heaven.Now if the socks were white and slimline!

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