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MissesC: Reader’s Wife 40M Huge Breasts

I’ve got a real treasure of a treat for you today folks! Introducing Readers Wives with Big Tits , the amazing MissesC

So, a bit about the back story to this one. I got chatting with MisterC in the comments of the Abbi Secraa Car Wash post the other day and he casually dropped in the conversation that his good lady, the awesome MissesC, has a whopping pair of huge heavy 40M breasts!!

MisterC and MissesC sent me an email with these pics and explained that they’ve shot 1,000 pictures and 100 videos over the last 21 months! The good news is MissesC has a 60+ video treasure chest for you to watch, and it’s all available on MissesC’s DailyMotion Channel, complete with themed playlists!

Watch 60+ stunning Huge Tit Amateur videos over at MissesC’s DailyMotion Channel.

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58 Responses to “MissesC: Reader’s Wife 40M Huge Breasts”

  1. MisterC Says:

    We both loved this shot Hugey, thanks for posting it.

  2. MisterC Says:

    Sorry that should read “shoot”.

  3. missesc Says:

    Wow Hugey, Mr.C just called me at work & said you posted some pics. Thank you…..

    But he braggeth too much. I am properly sized for a 40M, but can only fill it out once a month for about a 5 days after the full moon (fluid retention), and even then I just barely fill it out. I am normally in my Aviana brand 40K’s with band expanders or my 40L.

    It is really cool to see my pictures on this site, thank you sugar


  4. Hugey Says:

    Thanks for sharing MissesC and MrC. I’ve been enjoying the videos over at DailyMotion. Absolutely amazing figure

    I’ll bet MisterC looks forward to the full moon like a werewolf ;)

  5. Bralover Says:

    Very sexy! I’d love to see more of MissesC’s huge tits in different kinds of bras.

  6. missesc Says:

    “Hugey” he actually seems to like the Girls whenever the mood hits, swollen or not. Thanks for the sexy werewolf comment.

    “Bralover” thank you for taking the time to express an interest in seeing the Girls in their “holding cells”. I am not sure we have any pictures like that, but they would probably be boring to you, as my bras actually fit right & that means very little spillage & no more than 3 inches of cleavage. Hey I just thought of something you may like, it is one of my videos that have old H & I cup bras that have the ends cut out. “MissesC’s Bra Demolition”, here is the link….I hope you enjoy it:


  7. missesc Says:

    btw “Bralover” a couple of the scenes were shot after my jogging video so there is a sour yellow looking bruise on the end of the left Girl. Not very attractive looking. But, at the end you can see the very style bra I have on today a 40K with expanders in the back.


  8. Ralph Says:

    Mister and Misses C were regulars on Breastfiles and she is a living doll with a killer body.

  9. luvembig Says:

    Thanks for sharing Mister and Misses C. Very lovely and impressive.

  10. Jeff L Says:

    Thank you Mister and MissesC! Excellent photos, Misses, if I might pay you a smiling compliment. Just watched the dailymotion.com video you posted a couple of responses above, and my goodness…

    You must be a happy man, MisterC.

    And I’m glad for you!

  11. missesc Says:

    Thank you very much “Ralph” you flatter me enough to have my chubby face flushed……

    “luvembig” Thank you for taking the time to say such kind things….

    “Jeff L” your “smiling compliment” has done the same for me (from ear to ear), and I am tickled to death that you enjoyed that post. I thought it would be nice to pay “bralover” back for being kind in his post.

  12. misterc Says:

    Jeff, you sir are very right on target with the ‘happy man’ comment. And, as a bonus she doesn’t give me grief for being a “Boob fanatic”, that still has to check out the busty ladies at sites like “Hugey’s”

  13. Bralover Says:

    @ MissesC – regarding “I am not sure we have any pictures like that, but they would probably be boring to you, as my bras actually fit right & that means very little spillage & no more than 3 inches of cleavage.”

    What you explain above as boring is exactly what I like – seeing huge breasts in their natural habitat, i.e. in right fitting everyday bras. You’ve got no idea how sexy I find that.

    If you are shooting more in future, please do lots of pics in bras :)

  14. missesc Says:

    Thank you so much for the interest “bralover”, and I just checked no pics. like that. Mr.C did not consider them sexy, but I will make an adjustment to his attitude & see what I can do.

    Here is a sort of bra pic. or night gown pic.:


  15. juggy Says:

    mrs c

    40m? really lol well my cock is 18 inches then

    and they look horrid

  16. missesc Says:

    Glad to hear you are so well developed…congrats

  17. Dave L Says:

    Great photo set and video MissesC! Thanks for sharing. You’re one hot lady. Love the playful nature in the videos, and your huge mature tits are something else. Keep em coming…

  18. missesc Says:

    “Great photo set and video MissesC! Thanks for sharing. You’re one hot lady. Love the playful nature in the videos, and your huge mature tits are something else. Keep em coming…”

    You are extremely kind Dave, but thanks go to “Hugey”, and you are right the “Girls” do have fun. Here is a link of them having by themsleves, or just plain showing off:


    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend….

  19. Jeff L Says:

    I agree with Bralover, MissesC, in that you would look excellent in nicely fitted bras. Your vast contour would look appealing in such garments. In different colors for fun, maybe? I probably speak for everyone visiting this site that we’d enjoy seeing you in almost anything… sweaters, V-necks, button-downs…

    Your unique size and shape pretty much guarantees our big thumbs up!

    Again, thanks to you and MisterC for sharing.

  20. missesc Says:

    Jeff the video link below has a bunch of slides with sweaters & hot pants & other outfits that might give you some of what you asked for. The sad part for me, it was shot over 18 months ago & I was 10 pounds lighter (I am shamefully fatter now), but you might enjoy it as it does provides some of what you mentioned in your post:



  21. Hugey Says:

    Count me in for the bras, sweaters, v-necks and button downs MissesC. Throw in some tight lyra, swimsuits and blouses too :) Nothing sexier than seeing huge breasted ladies in their everyday clothes. Super super sexy.

  22. missesc Says:

    Thank you Hugey, Jeff, and Dave I enjoy reading your input….


  23. smotherme Says:

    Hello, MissesC-
    You and your husband are great sports.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome endowment with us.
    Classy response to juggy’s post.
    You are blessed. What you do to a shirt & tie must make other girls weep! Love the way your bust juts out and the tie dangles a foot from your midriff. VERY IMPRESSIVE!
    I read an interview with big buster Diane Poppos who said her chest
    literally exploded in growth in in her senior year in high school – she
    grew something like 9-10 cup sizes in 1 year! What is like to develop
    such a huge chest as yours? Did they grow quickly? When did you
    grow? That much weight must punish, bras witness your fun bra
    demolition video. How long does a bra last for you?
    I don’t mean to be nosey but you seem so open & approachable & these are questions I have never been able to ask a super-buster like
    Again, many thanks for being such a great sport!

  24. missesc Says:

    “Smotherme” that is such an honor for you to ask me a question like that. Thank you for being so attentive & interested. My development went into warp speed in my teens with the birth of my first child. I had two kids by my junior year in high school. Now don’t get me wrong they were big to begin with & the reason I got pregnant most likely. The Girls were the size of most full grown women by the time I was 11 years old.

    In response to the weight question, the Girls do not punish me at all. I actually love them immensely “Smotherme”. They have never ever felt heavy, but I am strong as an ox so I amy not be a good example of the norm for large breasts that cause back problems.

    Interestingly they have grown over the past two years (btw I think I know why), kind of like when I was a teen. When we first started doing this stuff (21months ago) they measured 24 inches in circumference (girth), and recently they hit 28 inches this past labor day (which was close to the full moon). Wish they would get longer they are fat & run up under my arms. They have dropped back a bit since two weeks ago’s new size achievement (the full moon adds to their size). When they swell (fluid retention) is when I can take the wrinkles out of my M-Cup bra. But, though I am properly fitted for an M, I can only fill it out for about 5 days a month. We ladies retain fluid for short periods every month & some carry more of it in their boobs….ie ME.

    At the risk of being too self indulgent & verbose I will tell you why I am on here (the web). 2 years ago Mr.C & I started writing a book about the lie that skinny is the only way to good health for a woman (title “Breach of Nature” finally listed 5/2011 as an e-reader on Amazon & “Barnes & Nobles”). To promote the book we used my body in “R” rated posts on various boob sites. The positive responses surprised me, especially since I am a G’ma. To be honest I loved it, and we continued with the voyeuristic journey.

    Sorry for such a long drawn out answer. Hope your not snoring by this time. Again thank you very much for being interested enough to ask…


  25. Jeff L Says:

    Nothin’ boring about your answer, MissesC. Remember that people visiting this site are your biggest fans! Plus, what you wrote was actually very entertaining since you’re a good writer too. “Breach of Nature” indeed. I agree that skinny isn’t only way to good health for a woman.

    On a final personal note, I watched the “Dance Partner” video you recommended above, and I must say… that sky blue North Carolina Sunset Beach tee bounces rather amazingly on you. VERY healthy, indeed!

    Thanks again and good luck.

  26. missesc Says:

    I am very pleased you liked that video link Jeff, and my favorite beach which I was wearing proudly. Of course in the video it was with a bra, but here is a link below that has that T but with no bra.

    You know it is very timely you mention that T-shirt & the ‘being skinny syndrome’, because in my case I am far from being thin. A 37 inch waist & near 51 inch hips ain’t skinny. But, in spite of that many of my on-line friends talk about how slim I look in this very picture. It isn’t true, it is only the benefit of having large breasts to balance out the body that help with any proportionality. Believe me I am way off the doctor’s ideal charts for my height, by a good 50 pounds.

    Thank you for your comments, and here is the pic.:



  27. missesc Says:

    I am afraid yo have to be a member to view that one….here is a similar one, but I think the bra is on. But, the proportionality issue is still evident. Sorry about that Jeff:


  28. smotherme Says:

    Ms. C,
    Thank you so much for your detailed reply. It was great.
    Since you developed so early you must have felt a bit besieged
    when the Girls took over.
    You say your breasts have grown again the last 2 years and you
    think you know why – did you mean the water retention or something else?
    I agree with you that the recent overemphasis on skinny for women is not entirely healthy so good for you & your husband in countering that trend.
    Many thanks.

  29. misterc Says:

    No “smotherme” I am taking into account the fluid retention effect, which has happened to me since my early teens. There appears to be a connection to a natural supplement combined with one of my favorite beverages beer. I have been on the supplements for 2 years for the change of life we ladies go through. But, I do have to factor the extra overall weight added over the past couple years. Truthfully they feel bigger, but the verdict is still pending.

    I doubt we personally have countered any trend, but natural human nature eventually does that for us, no matter what falsehoods are thrown our way. Based on my observations, men’s desire for fuller curves eventually prevail. It is just a shame the media preaches otherwise.

    Thanks for the insightful comments.


  30. missesc Says:

    Oops the message ID above was on MisterC not me, but the previous message was from me air headed blonde “MissesC”

  31. Jeff L Says:

    If it’s okay to post, Hugey, here is the link for anyone wanting to order Mister and MissesC’s e-book:


    There are a few sample chapters, which are well-written and very entertaining. It’s pretty much the everyday drama of a man and his mountain-breasted wife helping each other out, resisting “looks” in stores, and doing funny things together. Reads as modern-day Americana.

    And it was only $2.99. Heh!

  32. hugey Says:

    Nice one Jeff, I need to get a copy of this on my iPad :)

  33. Ralph Says:

    Misses C I can probably say safely that we all are glad that you and Mr. C are voyeurs. I know I am as you have a body that I dream about. And you are a nice person too. Ha ha

  34. Missesc Says:

    And, i am very flattered and pleased to make your acquaintance Ralph

  35. Ralph Says:

    What is like to have big boobs like yours? I know like you say the world is skewed to the “skinny minnie” say like a Kate Middleton but guys like me go ga ga when I see a Babe with a figure like yours. Do you find yourself mostly ignored or as in my case are you mostly drooled over.

  36. missesc Says:

    Ralph I grew up with them starting from age 11 & due to their ever growing size during my teens had two kids by my junior year in high school. From that time I recognized they had some sway over a man’s libido, and used them to my advantage until near 30 years of age. Enter Mr.C & working in a more professional environment where minimization & less showing off were the norm. Since then I have rarely dressed with the “Show what ya got” attitude. Note I said rarely not never. And, ironically since then I do not notice men looking at me near as much. Mr.C points it out to me, but I guess I am not looking for “it”, so I suppose I am not showing off as much.

    The real “Kicker” is I love my Girls. The way they feel, and the confidence they give me. And, the best part is I get to show them off again & not have to worry about it being a problem thanks to the ‘semi-anonymity’ afforded via the on line world. I actually do not notice men drooling over me at least in public, but Mr.C again would say differently. What I really notice is women being harsh to me, which does bother me as I am a pacifist by nature & want to be friendly with everyone. So when a clothing store clerk gives me the cold shoulder it does hurt my feelings. Those are the things in public I notice the most, women being rude to me.

    Thanks for having enough interest to ask that question….


  37. jj Says:

    Hi missesc,

    Those boobs of yours are really something. I could look at them all day. You remind me of my former boss who had the boobs nearly as good as yours. They are very speacial in deed.

    I can see why Mr.C is jealous of other men looking at them, but appreciate the fact you have revealed them to us all. I’m one very happy man having now seen your fantastic assets.


  38. missesc Says:

    How wonderful of you to say that “JJ”. And, it makes me happy to have made your acquaintance sugar. I might also add that the Girls are very pleased to be friends with you too…


  39. JJ Says:

    Hi Missesc,

    I have now seen a number of your video clips. You do sure put your girls to good use. I really enjoyed them all, but would have to say your best is not doubt the boob drop clip where your bouncy boobs fall out of your far too small top. What do you consider to be your best clip.

    Have you thought of wearing a tight seethrough white blouse and slowly undo each button or alternatively letting them pop open. A real turn for me. Not sure if you take followers requests – i

  40. JJ Says:

    Sorry did not complete my previous message before sending.

    I was going to end by saying I bet you get many readers requests.


  41. missesc Says:

    “JJ” are you a mind reader, that is exactly the type clip I suggested to Mr.C. We are thinking of doing one next weekend during the full moon. The Girls have grown, and I think I know why, but the full moon normally assists in the swelling process. So we are going to wait until then. I can tell you I have no control over what gets uploaded. It is his call, but your suggestion is exactly what I told him. Problem is we will have to buy a shirt as most of mine fit properly (not tight enough for the best effect).

    As for a favorite, heck I do not watch “MissesC”. I am actually jealous of her, because Mr.C watches her all the time. He likes her better than me…lol

    If I chose a favorite it would have been one of the dancing series videos we put up from December 2010 to February 2011. There were about 13 total & all carried the name of the of the song. The compilation above is shortened versions or clips from each of those.

    We pulled them for fear of copyright issues. We made the mistake of me dancing through the entire song & naming the video after the song ie. “Photograph” by Def Leppard & “Smoke on the Water” Deep Purple & on down the list. Photograph & The Gap Band’s “You Dropped the Bomb” were first. They were getting 12,500 per day minimum, which surprised the daylights out of us, but a lot of it was the commonality of the title & it being searched.

    Anyway we did a google search 3 months later, for the word “Photograph”, and I am not making this up, Def leppard showed up first “Daughtry & Santana” third & “MissesC’s” dailymotion.com vid. sandwiched in second. Very flattering, but totally uncool. By that time 3-4 months into the video posting routine, we got scared & pulled what I think was 13 videos. Later putting up the “MissesC needs a Dance Partner” video with 30 second segments of some of the videos. And, if I chose a favorite it would have been “Bittersweet” by Big Head Todd & the Monster’s. We did 2 versions both going over real well with my friends at “dm”, but pulled them too.

    Your request has been noted, and really appreciated. I love suggestions. We will have to see what Mr.C comes up with. I think his mind is on some “Damsel in Distress” thing or a measuring series of videos.

    Thanks for visiting with me….


  42. JJ Says:

    Hi Missesc,

    I cannot wait to see you in your tight white shirt. Please let me know when you have posted the video. If a donation is required to acquire the appropriate dress wear please let me know as I’m willing to make a donation.

    Can you indicate how swollen your girls get when a full moon is about. Is it a cup size?

    Shame you had to pull the dance videos. I would have lived to see them, given their your favourite all time seems.

    I do like Mr.C’s thinking on the “Damsel in Distress” theme. Mr.C is very creative and I commend him for his creativity and commitment. In his favourite he does have a great large props to work with.

    If I can recommend another scene please consider a busty boss role which will remind me if my former busty boss.


  43. missesc Says:

    Normally the Girls go up one cup size due to fluid retention JJ, and, here are some pictures of your new boss in her attire:





    Hope you had a good weekend…..


  44. jj Says:

    Hi missesc,

    Weekend was great thank you. I hope your was also.

    A whole cup size bigger – wow.

    Thanks for pictures. Happy to work for you any day. Although I don’t think I would achieve much staring at those fantastic large breasts of yours. I especially like the second picture – definantly my favourite. Out of interest what kind of boos wuld you be?


  45. missesc Says:

    Not a very good boss most likely JJ. I am way to easy going to be a boss. I cry easy, and most likely wouldn’t be good as the person who potentially makes people cry.

  46. jj Says:

    Hi Missesc,

    Don’t be hard on yourself. I would look forward to is seeing you in a see through white shirt, ocassionally braless and you allowing me to fondle the girls. As a weekly reward I wouldn’t mind a simple head or hand job. What do you say Boss?


  47. missesc Says:

    I have a feeling you would be an excellent, & very attentive employee, and I think your benefit package is negotiable with bountiful merit bonuses “JJ”….


  48. jj Says:


    Glad you consider me to be a suitable employee and that i will be deserving of soe sepctacuar rewards.

    How are the girls and do you have nay new material for us followers?
    Did you manage to film whiist a full moon was present. Have you ever weighed them? Would love to see you suck the girls?

  49. missesc Says:

    We did do some pictures JJ, & the Girls were bigger in my estimation, but it did not show up that much according to the measuring tape. Yes we have weighed them & the girls are what I call stocky which means they do not bend up well at all so sucking them just doesn’t work. As far as new postings I need to visit with Hugey, but I can give you the below address.

    JJ I have a lot of underarm growth so they just don’t bend up well. But in the weight department they are ridiculously heavy for their overall size. About 22 pounds right & now 22 pounds left. And, the only way to properly get that underarm stuff included is to weigh in a bra. Yep Mr.C with me in the bra lifts up on the bra straps with my hands on my hips then we subtract that body weight from the full overall weight with no lifting & the Girls weigh nearly 44 pounds. Can’t lay them on a scale very well with underarm stuff & side boobage rolling off. He also weighs them by lifting one at a time, and the result is the same, but with two hands he can get individual weights (thus 22 pounds a piece the left has caught the heavier right used to be 22 to 21).

    Thank you for being so interested.


  50. jj Says:

    Hi missesc,

    Wow your girls weigh 22 pounds each. I would love to fondle them and if you are unable to suck them I’d be more than willing to do so.

    Thanks for the picture, I love the fact you not only weigh but also measure the girls. Cathing up with the foremer boss next week so I’m goging to compare boobs. I’m still of the opion that yoours are a lot larger.

    Have a good weekend.

  51. missesc Says:

    “JJ” you are obviously qualified for most any position where “Fuller Figures” require proper attention.


  52. JJ Says:

    Thanks Missesc,

    I sure do enjoy the big busty ladies like yourself. I wish I could have a lot of them in different positions including yourself. By the way whats your favorite position?

    Ever thought about revealing your lovely face or shooting a porn movie?

  53. missesc52 Says:

    That is so flattering of you to ask that “JJ”, but with all the attention I get from men in the “on-liine” world it might hurt Mr.C’s feelings if I carried things a little too far. Problem is I like the darn guy, well love him. The other problem is time…..with a full time job, there just isn’t any spare time.


  54. JJ Says:

    Hi Missesc,

    I understand completely. Mr.C is a very lucky man. What do you do for a full time job?

  55. jj Says:


    How about a pic of you with a dildo between your boobs. Perhaps another pic with the tip in your mouth. I’d luv to put my cock between your boobs.


  56. missesc Says:

    And, that is just where I would put it JJ, should we ever chance upon one another after an unlikely event like Mr.C mistreating me.

    The Girls love a nice hot throbber to visit with…..

  57. jj Says:


    I can always dream now that you have shown the world those lovely big boobs. Would not com between you and Mr.C, I’m just glad he has allowed you to how off your great wonders of the world. Wouldn’t mind seeing a few pics of the girls with a large dildo between them.

    By the way you never answered my earlier question – what do you do for a full time job?

  58. teddymack Says:

    wow! ur amazing! ilove ur behemoth tits! im now lookin for ur videos everyday. id love to meet u in person. just to hug u and feel those mammoth meat juggs wud be a blessing. contact me tmack311@yahoo.com for sum chocolate pleasure if u ever get the thought in mind! mr. c is the luckiest man alive. wish i was

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