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Monique’s XXL Curvage

More from XL Girls for you today. This time it’s the turn of heavyweight BBW Monique.

Isn’t it a beautiful sight when a girl’s tits are bigger than her head! XL Girl Monique here showing us some XXL curvage.

All pics from XL Girls archive.

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13 Responses to “Monique’s XXL Curvage”

  1. shandy Says:

    super duper bbw. waheeey.

  2. Tony Says:


  3. Tony Says:

    HAah, I like the comment bar, update on the side – cool

  4. Jeff L Says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Monique. Like Tony wrote, SEXY!!!!

    She’s got an insanely huge, yet amazingly shaped bosom bolstering her modest smile and well-fed curves (especially her ass… I’ve never seen it so nicely displayed before!).

    I’d love to see more of her.

  5. femsup Says:

    Best pic of her bottom ever.Immensely heavy chest and such a beautiful figure all over.Like the croupier outfit.You would always lose whilst being mesmerized by face and boobs and bum and thus not concentrate on the game.

  6. femsup Says:

    In pic 7 she looks very limber and agile too getting out those great guns.Really heavy artillery!

  7. Hugey Says:

    Like the croupier outfit too Fem. Something tells me I’d be drawn to Monique’s table :-)

    Glad you like the new Comments bar Tony! As well as the new posts, it helps highlight new comments on old posts which although get seen by me go otherwise unnoticed.

  8. Hugey Says:

    You’re right about her agility Fem. You get to see her shoes in that pic too – lovely heels. Love to see heavy girls wearing heels don’t you? All that weight impossibly stacked in such a SEXUALLY AROUSING way!!

  9. femsup Says:

    Yes bigger women find it difficult if not impossible to get around on high heels at least those with pencil thin stillettos.Perhaps technology whether in the materials the heels are built of or surgery that allows the foot especially a fat foot to wear and walk in high heels may be in the future.

  10. Hugey Says:

    Wow, just back from a show and one of the girls working there (female usher) looked and dressed like Monique above. Very, very, very sexy. She had a full black shirt and trousers on but boy was the shirt neatly fitted and boy did she have huge breasts. Couldn’t keep my eyes off her thick curvage.

    Probably wasn’t as big all over as Monique but had huge long heavy looking breasts. Started thin at the top but very bulbous and heavy looking at the ends 8)

  11. vladimir Says:

    she come back:visit at voluptuousmonique.com

  12. vladimir Says:


  13. Claudy53 Says:

    Bravo Monique, you are so great, so powerful, so sexy, I can diseppear between your massive boobs. I dream to serve yur gigtic curves. I really adore you my Goddess

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