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More milk-laden Kristina Milan!

The updates are coming thick and fast over at XL Girls. Here are a couple of pics and some video screen-grabs from the second picture set and video featuring Kristina Milan.

As you’d expect her huge milk-laden tits are the focal point of this shoot. Her hungry partner can’t stop sucking and fondling Kristina’s huge latin milk churns…

Some screen-grabs of Kristina’s first hardcore scene at XL Girls.

All pics from XL Girls.

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24 Responses to “More milk-laden Kristina Milan!”

  1. clarity Says:

    Can we all admit up front that that ugly sumbitch is the LUCKIEST BASTARD LIVING today! Too bad she’s not banging some monster cock, but hey, that body is just mindblowing. Thanks, Hugey!

  2. femsup Says:

    Yes clarity her body is mind and body blowing.I have never seen her as beautiful as she is now.Preganancy and lactation really suite her.Her breasts arn’t just bigger but a different shape too.Wonderful.

  3. smotherme Says:

    I admit it, clarity!
    that lucky guy looks understandably overwhelmed by Kristina.
    her breasts are not the only things going to drip shortly.
    Kristina has enough sexual power to bring a dozen men to fruition.
    Go girl!

  4. hugey Says:

    100% in agreement Clarity!
    That guy is sucking like a baby and humping like a horny dog, all at the same time.

    You’re right about the guy being overwhelmed Smotherme. He looks like a milk-zombie to me, completely out of it.

    With you on the shape change Fem – Kristina’s tits are not only much bigger and heavier looking but also much more BULBOUS and seem to be pointing outwards. Her engorged nipples too look bigger and PUFFIER, perhaps from all the recent attention they’re getting!

  5. stefanny Says:

    What is her size …. before and now !

  6. femsup Says:

    Love the fact that she is so bursting with goodness that her breasts are dripping.Most women wear pads to soak up the leaking milk.If only they let it leak anouncing proudly they were lactating.The bigger the patch the more milk.Any gentleman would be beholden to offer milking them to releive the pressure in her tits.

    Yes Hugey they are so much more bulbous.The last picture exemplifies this perfectly.Who needs artificial expansion when you can have natural shape changing like this.

    Yes he does look like he is in subspace overwhelmed by her dominant breasts.Hypnotized and mesmerized and going into automatic suckling mode.

  7. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    UNFUKINBEELEEVABULL! She’s a dream come true. I’ve been lucky enough to date a few Dominican chicks living here in NYC. Many have some fantastic bodies. Latinas are a fine source of titties, hips and ass! Simply AMAZING! WOW!

  8. Tony Says:

    The shape of her breast is almost cartoon like, I fuckin love it!!

  9. femsup Says:

    Yes Tony it is unbeleivable the shape of them.In cartoons fantastic size and shape breasts can be drawn yet here we are with breasts shaped by their swollen milky content.The rest of her too with those gorgeous legs have rally benefitted from her pregnancy.

  10. femsup Says:

    Hugey have you seen a site http://WWW.modelmayhem.com.The origional page I found was all of large or huge breasted Black BBW’s.Type a name into the box like chardaxl and hopefully you will get to a most formidable strong thighed heavy chested woman.

  11. Bobs Your Uncle Says:

    That is so sweet! Without question

  12. Breast Obsessed Says:

    Wow. Totally amazing! I’ve never particularly liked Kristina because she shows absolutely no enthusiasm on video. But her milk-swollen udders are to die for! I love lactating ladies, and their tits look best in the weeks right after giving birth. It looks like they must have gotten to Kristina during that time, because those things are about to burst!

  13. femsup Says:

    Yes Breast obsessed never been a fan of hers till now.

  14. Kitty Says:

    sorry, but shes just had a baby.. why is she doing porn?

  15. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Kitty, stop HATING!!! She’s doing it because theyre paying her, and fans like me get a rise from her big milky titties! Hope that answers your question. Youre welcome!

  16. hugey Says:

    Wow FEM!! ChardaXl is stunning :-)
    For anyone else interested, here’s a link to 22 stunning pics on her profile.

    What a sensational find!

  17. femsup Says:

    I like the 3rd pic.She looks like a gang member blocking the way on stairs until she gets her way with you.

  18. femsup Says:

    ChardXl has such strong thighs doesn’t she.Imagine having your head crushed between them as you look up to find her face.But it is occluded by her large bust and she cannot see the effect she is having on you only the increased effort to please her with your tongue.

  19. hugey Says:

    The more I look at these pics the more I’m falling under this awesome girl’s spell. I love these two pics below:

    Talk about Power Curves!

    Here ChardXl is practicing a face-sitting move!

  20. femsup Says:

    Such power curves would be hard to unseat from ones face should she chose to reamin in situ.

    I just find the site a revelation.Black women are shown in a very favourable light with plenty of attention to the set,setting,make up,clothes, pose etc.They are almost without fail flattering to Black women and shows them with great pride,poise and self possesion.

  21. Kitty Says:

    Handsome Dennis! I wasn’t hating, I just don’t think its right.. yeah cause they’re paying her? makes nothing but a prositute with a camera in front of her, I think it’s pretty degrading.. its fine with new mums going back to WORK, but porn? or maybe its just cause I would never do such thing -shrugs-

  22. Kitty Says:

    makes her nothing**

  23. Sang Tongareng Says:

    I am a fan of Kristina Milan and I just requesting if you can send me lactating vedeos of Kristina Milan if possible through the above mention email thankyou.

  24. TH Says:

    My girl looks exactly like this!! Huge tits with a fat ass, same face and skin complexion. I love stuffing my big cock in thick women like this.. I think I might just go fuck her now.. deuces

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