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New amateur site “My Big Ex-Girlfriend”

News of a new amateur fetish website called My Big Ex-Girlfriend:

No prizes for guessing what’s going on at My Big Ex-Girlfriend! Yes, that’s it, lots of big ex-girlfriends with huge tits, bellies and asses photographed in candid situations by their “faithful” boyfriends – scoundrels that they are :-)

All pics from My Big Ex-Girlfriend .

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6 Responses to “New amateur site “My Big Ex-Girlfriend””

  1. Jay Says:

    Ohh hell yes.

  2. Jay Says:

    Although now that I’ve had a chance to check out the site, a lot of the pics they’ve got on offer I already have on my hard-drive, harvested for free from various bittorrent sites.

    Not trying to steal revenue from ya, Hugey – I know you probably get a few bucks every time someone joins from here – just don’t want people to get ripped off from the site itself, ya know.

    That said, if you’re not the kind of person to use bittorrent, the pics they have on mybigexgirlfriend.com are definitely worth a membership. Some really, really hot fatties in there.

  3. hugey Says:

    Hey Jay – I’ve not been into the members area yet. I’m a big fan of amateur girlfriend pics but not as big as you by the sounds of it!!

    Yes, I did recognise a couple of the pics below and kind of expected a bit of stuff aggregated from Myspace, Social Networking sites,etc.

    Sounds like it’s worth a look if you’re new to this niche but if you’ve got a hard-drive full already then look into starting your own paysite :-)

    Thanks for the honest appraisal Jay.

    P.s. What % of the content would you say you hadn’t already seen? How much video content?

  4. Jay Says:

    Not a problem. I might have been unclear in my earlier comment – I haven’t actually been inside the member’s area, so I can’t speak to the content on that side – but just looking at the preview pics you’ve posted, and the ones they’ve got on the site itself, there’s only a handful (less than ten, I’d say) that I don’t already have. I don’t know if that’s because they’re just snagging pics that are already freely available on the web and trying to get suckers to pay for them, or people are snagging their pics and giving making ‘em available for free on bittorrent sites, or what. I just know that I -hate- to pay for porn if I don’t have to, and figured I’d give you and the rest of your readers a heads up.

    Like I said though, if there are folks here who don’t want to bother with things like bittorrent, there are a lot of great pics available on the aforementioned site. It’s pretty easy to find home-made shots of sluts on the internet, but there is definitely a slimmer (pardon the pun) margin of big-girl homemade stuff.

  5. femsup Says:

    Every one of them a gem.Just astounding the variety of women and their beauty.Makes you proud to be alive with so much gorgeousness out there.

  6. mikesmelons Says:

    another huge titted girl the one in the nurse uniform lovely big huge tits just the way i like them,whats her name she is amazing,xxx

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