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Norma Stitz Compilation Gallery

This Norma Stitz Compilation Gallery is long overdue. So without further ado, here is my compilation of Norma Stitz pictures both recent and vintage.

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19 Responses to “Norma Stitz Compilation Gallery”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Hi that is a very very nice compilation gallery of Norma stitz!

  2. misterc Says:

    She is amazing to say the least

  3. AUHSOJ Says:

    I just want to feel those massive breasts on my shoulders!

  4. Hugey Says:

    Lol Auhsoj, I hope you’ve got a big pair of shoulders….you’re gonna need them to hold up Norma’s boulders!

  5. Hugey Says:

    I love pic #4 where the TV Presenter’s head is next to Norma’s colossal breasts.

    Not only do we get to see how big Norma’s tits are compared to the guys head…..BUT….we also get to imagine what it would be like to have our heads smothered by Norma’s huge chest mountain. This is True heavyweight stuff.

  6. Patrick Says:

    As a member of Norma’s support group, I have had the extreme pleasure of taking some of these photos. And I can assure you that Norma is every bit as amazing and amusing as you can imagine from her pictures. Shout out to you, sweetie!

  7. NORMA STITZ Says:

    Thank you all so very much, this really means a lot to me. Want everyone to know that it was the love and support of my many fan friends that I been so blessed.

    Lots to love,

  8. hugey Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Norma. You’re a legend and we love you here at HHB :)

    Ok, now I want to be the guy in this pic even more

  9. misterc Says:

    My favorite picture is…….shit all of them. If you like big tits & sweet faces you can’t lose with NS

  10. big band Says:

    KAROLA the best of world

  11. Ralph Says:

    You are a knock-out Norma. Don’t let anyone else tell you different. I would love to spend some time with you.

  12. Henk Says:

    I like Norma’s daughter in the pic http://www.hugeheavybreasts.com/images/norma-stitz-gallery-pics_21.jpg . She is pretty endowed as well.

  13. Daniel Says:

    Wow, she has grown A LOT over the years. May she continue to get bigger

  14. Femsup Says:

    I really admore her business acumen too and the fact that she tries and helps other large breasted women. I think she looks at her best in the first 2 pics.I really liek that she shows so much cleavage and that the dress appears to be falling of her shoulder. If you are an admirer of colossal heavy breasts she is a must for all serious afficionardos.

  15. Jason Says:

    Norma your fans really would like to see you in a real titty fucking scene!

  16. Messerschmitt kz 007 Says:

    ich WÜRDE zwischen den BRÜSTEN Norma und Karola

  17. David Durham Says:

    Annie, your the most beautiful women on this Galaxy! You have my heart for ever!

  18. Paschal W Says:

    Hello my best love you are good looking love i never see. I am so hungry to see you and sulk you i need your breast please can you you write to me please my love on onyejekwep@yahoo.com or call me with this no 234-8123638995. Please i am waiting for you my love.

  19. Charles Says:

    Now THIS is a compilation! Why didn’t I see this before! Whoppers, man!!! These are the HHB peak. And still growing too. I prefer a woman to be a bit more fit and trim at the waist, but dayummm can’t argue with the boobs! I wonder what that feels like! Not just a whole handful, or even an armful, but two arms cannot hold all that womanhood! Yowsa!

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