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Norma Stitz – huge shiny bra

God damn, how I love big shiny bras like this! Just been browsing over at Norma Stitz LIVE webcam and saw these new profile pics.

Norma Stitz – LIVE webcam

The world’s biggest huge shiny bra!

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9 Responses to “Norma Stitz – huge shiny bra”

  1. Kitty Says:

    isn’t she like 50? she looks great !

  2. Carlos Fandango Says:

    Gotta agree Hugey. There’s something about shiny bras! The shape of big bras gets me too! Wow great post

  3. Hugey Says:

    Yes, shiny bras definitely do it for me. The shimmer and shine adds something doesn’t it! The texture too is so sexy. Love the feel of those big old shiny bras.

    The thought of running your hands over Norma’s huge smooth shiny bra is a very arousing one :-)

  4. Hugey Says:

    Yes Kitty, she’s got to be around the 50 mark. Totally agree with you, she still looks great :-)

    She stopped by here once to comment on a post we had running about who had the bigger tits – Norma or Karola. A real honour to have her stop by. What a woman she is :-)

  5. Bobs Your Uncle Says:

    I love older women. I lie. I love huge tits. She is so sweet looking!!

  6. femsup Says:

    She look sfantastic in that bra.I too like the shiny bra.I like too seeing a tarnished slightly bedraggled shint bra that hints that the occupant is so huge and heavy that she can rarely find them her size and has to continue wearing it even when it is well worn.

    Also like the brand new look too.Bit like shoes.Some times it looks good that they look lived in and at other times they look good brand new.

  7. femsup Says:

    Or how about a family who’s breasts are so huge that mother has to hand me down a bra to their daughters or neices who had been handed down hers from her mother.

  8. hugey Says:

    Lol Fem – and the tales those handed down bras could tell ;-)

    Love your description “tarnished slightly bedraggled shint bra”. That’s exactly it. And sometimes when you’re running your hand over it the material catches on some rough skin on your finger! Watch out for an up and coming post with that title……love it!!

  9. femsup Says:

    Shiny bras can become dowdy ones with continued wear.Wouldn’t it be nice for poor bra wearers to be able to swap bras with each other.Knowing someone elses hot sweaty flesh had been ensconced within the confines of a bra might give the new temporary owner a frisson of excitement.

    You could have bra swapping parties and the participants could vote on which bra suited whom best.

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