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Olivia36G young heavy breasts that hang down to her waist

Introducing the beautiful OLIVIA36G. This beautiful 22 year old German girl has the ‘classic girl next door look’, and huge heavy breasts I just love – they’re young, heavy, and OMG they hang down to her waist!!

OLIVIA36G is one of a growing number of German girls broadcasting LIVE from their bedrooms over at ImLive.

I’m just a sucker for that ‘classic girl next door look’, especially when their bra hangs down to their waist. Olivia36G was broadcasting when I last looked – long and hard :-) – earlier this evening.

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6 Responses to “Olivia36G young heavy breasts that hang down to her waist”

  1. steve Says:

    oh yes serious wank material

  2. Jack Says:

    did she do anal for you?

  3. hugey Says:

    Let’s just say that German girls are very open minded :-)

  4. Jack Says:

    other than fingering?

  5. Wipeoutd Says:

    She done with doing webcam? All of her profiles are gone.

  6. Hugey Says:

    Unfortunately so Wipeoutd! However, Olivia36G seems to come and go quite a bit I’ve noticed. Perhaps she’ll make a return down the line and unveil those miraculous heavy breasts of hers once again.

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