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Over-developed Heavy Hangers on Slim Girls

This is lovely Busty Nikki from Silicone Free. I’ve always loved over-developed heavy hangers on slim girls. Nikki pretty much fits that bill…

Decided to do a post after chatting with her earlier today on her live webcam . Check her out at bustytessaff over at imLive.

Busty Tessa on LIVE webcam check out her Over-developed Heavy Hangers LIVE.

Click Here to see BUSTYTESSAFF Live

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7 Responses to “Over-developed Heavy Hangers on Slim Girls”

  1. festive Says:

    Nikki is nice! I dont see how her body can hold up those huge heavy boobs! Lovely and sexy right here!!!

  2. smotherme Says:

    Nikki is the trusting sort putting great faith in those string-like straps.
    Walking will strain those strings but running would overwhelm them &
    loose an avalanche of sheer delight. Classic topheavy lady. It’s a treat
    to just watch her walk. That’s a lot of weight to maneuver in an over-
    matched dress top. A wardrobe malfunction is inevitable & welcome.

  3. Blackant Says:

    At first glance of the first pic I thought she was Mio!!!

  4. hugey Says:

    Oh yes Smotherme! Loving the idea of Nikki running in that top! It looks like there’s just enough give in the dress’ material to allow it to stretch and give, thus allowing it to survive!! It would be a close call though…

  5. hugey Says:

    Hey Blackant! How’s is going bro? Long time no hear. Hope everything is going well over at http://www.blackstreetbbw.com/

  6. femsup Says:

    Pure delight.Love the stretch marks obviously from her leaning over like this.Love them in blue.

  7. Krille Says:

    More pic!!!

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