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Rachel Aldana: Green Plaid Shirt

Rachel Aldana‘s tits are looking super heavy since she had her baby. Check out these latest pictures from RachelAldana.com

This shoot is titled Green Plaid Sweetheart and features HD Pictures and HD Video of Rachel Aldana in a green plaid shirt and super bra to hold her 30MM tits – what a figure!

and here’s a clip from Rachel’s latest webcam video

Download the full picture set and video at Rachel Aldana.

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Rachel Aldana, MaseratiXXX and Leanne Crow

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26 Responses to “Rachel Aldana: Green Plaid Shirt”

  1. luvembig Says:

    Her boobs are humongous! I think you need to change the title of the site to humongous, heavy breasts when you feature her, Hugey. She has no chance of being able to button that shirt. Simply Ridiculous! A beautiful sight. Think it’s amazing how smooth and perfect her boobs are considering their size. No stretch marks, etc. I realize there is some air brushing that could occur on the photos, but even in the videos, her boobs appear flawless. She didn’t make my top 20, but I wouldn’t deny that she is a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Handmann Says:

    I felt Rachel always looked uncomfortable in front of the camera. But recent sets of photos (like these ones) leave me feeling uncomfortable. She certainly has grown and grown on me as well.

  3. ca uk Says:

    simply breathtaking!!!! those huge MM cups are something pretty special aren’t they?? pretty girl with a lovely attitude infront of the camera… another like abbi that has got better and more confident with every shoot and now totally owns the room!!!!! yeh there is possibly some airbrushing but that’s the game now and its fine with me,, hey one thing you cant airbrush is the size of those amazing jugs.. her fella is one lucky bastard!!!!!!! up there with Leanne in my opinion,, quite similar infact but for me Leanne edges it… would love to see them maybe do a shoot together or has this already happened??

  4. ca uk Says:

    her cans look amazing when she pushes them together,, notice the strap mark on her shoulder in the clip,, damn that’s an indication of the weight of those things!!!!

  5. Charles Says:

    OMG those melons are MASSIVE!!! Pic five is PERFECT for putting in the center of a 3 x 3 grid. It puts attention on her awesome abs and slim figure. She’s back to normal but boobs looking bigger than ever thanks to motherhood. Ready to rub out a few rockets with Rachel’s video! Holy shit that’s a turn on seeing the crib right there next to her bed. Thinking about how she’s with an older guy my age is double exciting. … total wife material there. Definitely on my top 20 list, especially for looking great without makeup! That does it, I’m out!! Got to finish it off! Thanks, Rachel!!!!!

  6. ca uk Says:

    how old is her fella then????? im guessing at 59 im out of the running ha ha ha

  7. ca uk Says:


  8. Tony Says:

    Ask and ye shall receive, i guess. Well here are a few nice photos to really get an understanding of her body to breast size ratio. Just wish the skin tone was realistic.. something about the lighting or colors are off, but none the less it’s an improvement from the type of pics I’ve personally seen here.


  9. Charles Says:

    Not sure ca, I think somewhere I read her man was mid 40s or so??? Did she pose with his hands on her tits once? Can’t recall anymore, she’s been out of circulation for a while with her pregnancy. I’m so glad she’s back! This is the best post-preg pics yet!

  10. Juggsman Says:

    This is the first time she has amused things to happen to parts. Of my body. She is looking good and those tits are bigger than I remember, is that the kids play pen in the background of her vid? It’s a shame she has decided to have bits of writing put on her body, a modern prob, and a bad fashion.

  11. ConfirmedTitMan Says:


    Agree with what you say about tattoos. I find them off putting and they detract from the beauty of the lady.

  12. supercalo22 Says:

    This girl just gave me major deja vu. I saw the pics and said to myself “no way they are real” then saw the video and said, “well I’ll be damned.”

    Agreed on the tats not a good look IMO

  13. Jimbo Says:

    I’ve never understand why Rachel & Leanne don’t pose together….they’re both from the UK, both work for the same company, should be not so difficult to set up? Unless there’s….another reason?

  14. ca uk Says:

    I agree with jimbo I want to see her and Leanne working together,, lets make it happen!!!!!!!!

  15. Gustave Says:

    I have.mixed.feelings about Rachel Aldana(not about her body that is BOO-OOO-MING!!)but with her attitude. I remember a couple years back reading an article about a “shy hairdresser,cursed with a huge bossom”that wanted to get rid of her huge breasts and had to put up with the unwanted attention said bossom got her. To my surprise,later I found that the shy hairdresser and Ms.Aldana to be one and the same. That contradiction is what makes me apreciate her modelling work with some regards(yeah I know she has tits that are on their own league,coupled with a slim body but hey,I didn’t say I was perfect). Its not exactly as what Dors Feline did but it ticks me off a little

  16. ca uk Says:

    gustave,, remember the article well and to be honest im sure at some point most girls with big tits feel burdened….. I remember working with a girl back in the late 70s called emma who had a huge set of tits,, im guessing g-cups and I remember her getting really upset one day and telling me that guys spend more time looking at her jugs than her face and this really got to her… I guess if you put yourself in their shoes it could become an issue and maybe Rachel felt this way for a time before deciding to embrace what nature gave her and use it positively to provide her with financial gain…. she realised there are lots of guys like us out there who are crazy about big jugs and realised us tit-men were her way forward…. surgery is always an option but I hate to see this and hopefully Rachel will never go down this route like dors did….

  17. Gustave Says:

    I’m not denying one of the many downsides of having huge tits,what “gets me” is the way she says it. In that article,she sounds like she can’t live with her tits not one more day and that was after she entered the contest of UK’s biggest tits. If she hated her boobs so badly,why the hell did she advertised them?and on a national circulation paper,no less! The only reason i can think of besides money is that she like to show them and that she wants to be admired

  18. Hugey Says:

    Gustave – yes, I’m kind of on the same page as you regarding Rachel.

    However, its Dors Feline (Kelly) that really gets me. If you watch that program she did about getting a breast reduction, she makes no reference at all to having had a career in tits!. Complete denial. She here


    She really is a split personality

  19. Gustave Says:

    I don’t deny she’s pretty,has a cute face.and a huge pair

  20. Thickmaster Says:

    Regarding the Dors thing, I actually looked at it a bit differently as nothing more than a marketing thing for the makers of the video. She just happened to be the actress selected to be in front of the camera. They could’ve selected any model – Dors just happened to get the gig. And I think it’s quite obvious that she didn’t really believe a word of it since I think she’s dobe a ton of shoots since.

    And I agree that Rachel has the look of a woman that really doesn’t want to do what she does but understands the financial gain. She’s got an incredible body (also agree about the bad look for the tats) and simply massive boobs but in nearly photoset of her I’ve seen, I see body language and facial expressions that give off that “would rather be somewhere else” vibe.

  21. Gustave Says:

    Thickmaster: I agree with you about Rachel,including(sadly)the part about the perfect body. She’s obviously quite a practical gal,saw an opportunity and took it and despite that is ALWAYS for the money there’s some that acknowledge the thrill of the camera and work towards that(abbi secraa is one that springs to mind now)becoming a more believable subject to take a picture of. And there is this other bunch that,even as they are blessed with voluptuous bodies,feels cursed and burdened and see the erotic model market as a way to make money to do whatever they need at the moment but most opt for a breast reduction surgery and they do their part with no passion whatsoever but rather with digust

  22. Charles Says:

    That’s what I like about Rachel, though. You can still kind of see the ‘good girl’ who loves her mum, and would rather just hang out with friends than have to work in front of bright lights. She is a sweetheart.

  23. ca uk Says:

    thickmaster,, im not so sure as far as Rachel is concerned,, I think she does tend to enjoy what shes doing and I think you can see this in the way she handles her tits in her video and cam clips… this is one of her best shoots and im sure she enjoys the work… offcourse she is there for financial gane but Im sure she has quite a bit of fun whilst shooting,, she has a huge fanbase and that must do lots for her confidence… hugey,, dors seemingly choosing to ignore her career in the big tit scene is disappointing,, its actualy disrepectfull to people like myself who paid money to see her in magazines…

  24. ca uk Says:

    here you go gustave

  25. Thickmaster Says:

    @gustave gotta agree with you about Abbi – she’s gotten better and better and often looks like she WANTS to be there, like she knows a million eyes are on her.

    @charles true, you get to see that in the cams she does but it’s a different vibe in the photo sets and some of her more ‘pro’ vids … but regardless, she’s a stunner from head to toe!!

  26. Gustave Says:

    ca uk – great pic mate!!! love the angle and more than a little surprised to see,at least from that angle,not much difference between Ines and Linsey!! an optical illusion maybe?
    Charles – is true that she has that “girl next door” look and huge boobs on a slim frame(something I’m very fond of) but I can’t help remembering that damn article. Not wanting to start anything here towards Rachel,a mum now,but it always has me going to the same thing. Odd, I know…..
    Thickmaster – yes she does give that image now,hm?funny how many of these gorgeous women start in this bussiness as an experiment and slowly begin to discover a sultry,more femenine if you will,aspect of them. It reminds me of Jana Defi and Aneta Buena in their begginings: Jana seemed confident and playful with the camera(later she would become such a goddess) but Aneta,despite having bigger breasts and a much fuller figure,seemed shy but as time passed by,she looked more secure in her photosets,more relaxed and playful as well. Glad to see that Abbi is on that same road and that she has still so much to show

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