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Rachel Ramrod & Bianca Bonesworth

Just noticed a new update over at Futanaria with Rachel Ramrod & Bianca Bonesworth sporting huge tits and cocks…

As I’m sure you know, the creators of Futanaria are also the creators of Mastasia and every now and then the huge tits & cocks come together like this shoot featuring Rachel Ramrod & Bianca Bonesworth.

All pics courtesy of Futanaria.

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5 Responses to “Rachel Ramrod & Bianca Bonesworth”

  1. clarity Says:

    Never thought those big dicks could look ordinary, but those crazy big fakes make it a Hannah Montana moment. (Best of both worlds)

  2. love Says:

    i want some milk from thoes HUGE breasts and i want to fuck thoes HUGE dicks or yours i want some fun ;)

  3. cris Says:

    bianca is the best!I want to give her a long slurping blow job!

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  5. Kevin Says:

    Just got 100% confirmation from Paris Kennedy aka Bianca Bonesworth that the cock in the pics from Futanaria.com is a prosthetic. Sorry guys.

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