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Reader’s Wife: 50K Cups Out for HHB

Very Busty Reader’s Wife gets her massive 50K Cups out again for HHB readers :)

It’s great to see such a pair of huge heavy breasts displayed along side the website like that :) Awesome guys!

A big thanks to 50K Cups and Charlie for sharing these pics.

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81 Responses to “Reader’s Wife: 50K Cups Out for HHB”

  1. MisterC Says:

    This one shows a superb robustness that I am a big fan of…..


  2. score_busty Says:

    Amazing Woman, 50K OMG

  3. MisterC Says:

    Just to verify a 50K is much much bigger in the boobs only department than a 40K & way way way way bigger than say a 32K. I learned that even a 42K is bigger than a 40K (in the cups only) while fitting the Misses. I contacted a bra designer about this discrepancy, & she verified this fact. Even though the letters are the same like the K’s, if it is on a bigger band number (denoting a bigger rib cage or bigger framed woman) the cups will due to material sizes be much larger. This makes sense when you see some of the smaller framed girls like Anya with a K-cup compared to Charlies huge breasted lady’s version of a K-cup.

    Personal experience proves what our bra designer said. So for example, if took Charlie’s girls boobs & put them on Alicia, they would look incredibly huge, and probably be in an R-Cup. As this picture shows she has some whoppers boys:


    Just a bra lesson, learned from soft core experience…..

  4. Nkc Says:

    If she’s looking for something bigger… Oh right, I think she’s in the right place but it’s really a hard work for her

  5. Charlie Says:

    Well thanks for posting so quickly hugey,she and me are glad that you did.She loves hearing from huge breast fans and gets turned on by your comments,she loves showing those puppies thats for sure.And just to let you know fellas,they are much larger inperson,as its hard to capture the true size of these monsters on film,you should see her in that tight turtle kneck with no bra on,my god they hang to her waist and you can see threw it,something that a massive tit hound would climb moutains to catch a glimps of.We’ll keep posting and thanks for the compliments and comments.

  6. teddy mack Says:

    my goodness!!!!!!

  7. hugey Says:

    Charlie – RE: “And just to let you know fellas,they are much larger inperson”. I definitely know what you mean there brother. There’s been a few girls I’ve met in person and later when I’ve seen them in pictures, it in no way gives you a true idea of just how absolutely huge their tits are.

    We can only imagine how big 50K Cups must be up close. Hell, I’ll bet they have their own gravitational field!!

  8. morrd Says:

    !!!!YES!!!that’s fucken classic totally awesome stuff here. Good woman you got there Charlie.She’s down with the program and a huge set of juggs totally bad ass love it!!!

  9. Charlie Says:

    They do hugey they do and to see her massive pulsating veins pop out,her veins bulge out massively,but cant capture that in a pic either,too see her massive veins show you just how powerful her heavy hangers are.

  10. jas Says:

    Id do anything to grope and lick those

  11. morrd Says:

    A jas wouldn’t it be terrible if you were some dude wanken your willy in Spokane Washington LOL No!! No! think positive Morrd dream dream no jas your a hot chick I can feel it?speaking of washington where’s our Seattle shemale I haven’t seen her in a while?……A Charlie it must be nice pumpen off between those mountains?

  12. Charles Says:

    Hell ya!!! That’s what I’m talkin abooouuuuuuut!!! Pic #3 does it for me man. That looks like a nice place to go an hose your load. MMMMmmm yeah! Glad she likes the site and be sure you let her know thank you thank you thank you.

  13. MisterC Says:

    What do you mean Charlie on not capturing the massive veins? This picture in particular shows some super wide feeder veins to those thick bombs partner:


    “Thick” is the key descriptive word for me, as she looks to be in the same overall breast size category as Suzy Q, but possibly even a slight bit thicker in total breast girth. But, at those size levels what difference does it make? Your misses’s breasts look to be in the “Queen Kong” size category. Great viewing material indeed, & that includes one healthy looking food pipeline aka vein network

  14. skoberti stef Says:

    Hello it’s a great huge boobs !!! WOW 50 K !!! … What size in inch bra-on at nipples level and what is her size under the breast … Thanks for info ! for me i measure 40 K and i measure bra-on 54 1/2 inches and under the breast 38 / 39 inches …

  15. Femsup Says:

    From correspondence from another site I know that the two of you are adventurous sexually and that the both of you are growing together. As her breasts seem to be growing too you are going to have a great future ahead of both of you.

    Makes me hard too to see her enjoying the site as I know she does.

    Thank you both of you for sharing.

  16. Femsup Says:

    Yes Mr C and the lighitng is not even favouring showing her veins. Just imagine if it was neutral light of even high lighting them.

  17. Femsup Says:

    A sort of keening noise came out of me when I first saw these pictures. Its like a whimper but with lust. I feel bad talking in 3rd person about her. Do you have a name we can use Charlie’s Lady?

  18. Femsup Says:

    Love the key in the cleavage can just imagine its to the kingdom of heaven. To have ones face buried in such beauty would be the very heaven.

  19. MisterC Says:

    Don’t use ‘MissesC’…Charlie (after your first name) that will confuse the shit out of me. But, a glorious ‘Huge Titter’ like this needs her own moniker Charlie

  20. Femsup Says:

    The pic of her showing her massive beautiful breasts next to a contemporary posting about Antica shows their newness.

    You are both lucky to share your love of huge breasts together. I hope you are pleasing each other daily.

  21. paul Says:

    What make is that telly – can’t quite make it out.

  22. Gaz Says:

    Oh wow, she’s great. Those are some huge tits. Thanks for sharing, Charlie. Keep ‘em coming.

  23. jas Says:

    Morrd I’m 100% female I assure you and I’m nowhere near Spokane. Lol

  24. jas Says:

    Femsup I totally agree it would be heaven to get burried and lost in so much soft marvelous breast flesh.

  25. morrd Says:

    Good good !! jas good to know you can never be to sure these days!!!..Charlie you certainly are a cantaloupe conquerer you old dog you!

  26. Charles Says:

    Sounds good stef! Those measure up to be some good sweater puppies too! Glad you are hanging out! I wish I could see you really ‘hanging out!’ LOL.

  27. AUHSOJ Says:

    I’m glad we can still see your girl’s awesome breasts Charlie, and not just thru the Breast Files. The quality of the pictures is so much better on here!

  28. Ralph Says:

    Those tits are mammoth. Looks like your Misses can handle a few loads between those bigguns

  29. jay Says:

    muy bueno

  30. ca uk Says:

    yeh this is incredible,, loving seeing those bombs next to HHB that is fantastic… some serious size here… hey Charlie any chance of seeing her tits in that turtle neck you mention?? as a seasoned tit-man I love to see heavy jugs destroying a sweater especially if she has no bra on.. love to see a puffy set of nips tearing there way out..

  31. hugey Says:

    Charlie – I second what ca uk says. I too love to see huge breasts in tight tops! Yes, i love to see them out and about but I also love to see them wrecking sweaters ;)

  32. hugey Says:

    Charles – Stef has an amazing rack! Talking of which, Stef, isn’t it about time we had a Stef Skoberti post here on HHB? I’m sure the guys and girls would love to see your gorgeous 40K breasts ;)

  33. Charles Says:

    Yeah, how about it stef? You don’t have to do nude if you don’t want to. How about a topheavy.com-style ‘tits in tight tops’ photo?? You know we love it!

  34. skoberti stef Says:

    Dear HUgey ! i post pics of my breast … but before , you post (( may be on My penis site )) … Why Hugey is your nickname !!! loll … you are a real huge man … I see pics of you !!! and let me say … Its really big … But huge heavy breast fan want to see huge breast … Thanks Hugey , i really love your site !!!

  35. skoberti stef Says:


  36. Charles Says:

    Stef, that is beautiful!! So huge!! That’s fantastic, thanks for posting. :-) Where are you from?

  37. Juggsman Says:

    These are the sort of tits I worship huge heavy full and beautiful I love women like this. I have met a few and am always looking to meet more. Like others here I also love to see huge boobs constrained in tight tops that are straining to constrain their huge burden. Would love to have an invitation to see these, mmm.

  38. bob Says:

    INCREDIBLE bur wonderful big natural boobs,I would like to have in my hand and my mouth those hugue and perfect boobs,…Bob belgium 58 years old obsessed by the big boobs

  39. Charlie Says:

    Thanks for all the great comments,she really loves hearing what you have to say and yes,its fantastic to smother my face and cock inbetween those monsters and she loves it when i cum on them.Here name is barb and it turns her on knowing that there are guys on here jacking off to her huge knockers.I’ll send hugey some pics of her bursting out of tight tops.As for the veins,you can see her enormas veins in her pics yes,but you cant see them bulging out,they bulge out at least a half inch,its amazing to see that,its load blowing,and she loves to tease.

  40. Charlie Says:

    Its to bad some of you’s are so far away,me and barb sure would love to show some of you’s how big they are inperson,we both love showing her massive boobs to other massive udder lovers inperson,she loves seeing his eyes pop and i know what huge juggs do to me and like seeing other guys freakout over her true massive size.

  41. Ralph Says:

    I would love to see Barb’s jugs up close they are sumptious. Where do you live

  42. skoberti stef Says:

    For me … I am from Canada … French part of Quebec !!! thanks for all of the men who love huge breast !!!

  43. hugey Says:

    Stef – great picture above! thanks for posting :)

    Would you like to do a post here on HHB? I already know how sexy you are ;) but I’m sure the regulars would love to see those 40K breasts. I always enjoy reading your comments.

  44. Charlie Says:

    We are from canada,in the barrie and orillia area.

  45. skoberti stef Says:

    Hello Charlie !!! great to know that … what is your province … and thanks dear HUGEY … i really enjoy show to you my aviana # 2353 with and without bra … i think seriously to do that very soon … but without my visage !!! … and i am not 20 years old … more the years of Milena Velba loll … Thanks for all …

  46. Femsup Says:

    This pic of I think partially fulfils the desire of those who want to see warm outer clothing being stretched.

    It falls down in that its a cardigan not a sweater and that her breasts are not naked beneath it. Its Huge Tatas 69 from Streamate.


  47. Femsup Says:

    Sorry go to the photos and pic the last 5 its the fourth of those 5.

  48. Femsup Says:

    She has the most pleasant face and the most wonderful milk ducts.

  49. Ralph Says:

    I live in Jacksons Point not too far from you. If you guys are game I am for sure ;)

  50. Ralph Says:

    Actually I have a cottage in Jacksons Point but hey that is close and those jugs are incredible. Charlie I can understand your excitement over your gal. She has a mind blowing (and pant filling) rack!!

  51. Charles Says:

    Charlie tell Barb I am a in total awe over her juggs and stroking is definitely what they make me want to do! I’m USA based here, Lone Star State, so if yall ever vacation I’d love to buy your drinks!

  52. Charles Says:

    Merci pour l’imputation ! Votre poitrine est très belle, et la taille est très spéciale. Ne vous inquiétez pas si vous n’êtes pas 20. Vous êtes proche de mon âge. Je pense que c’est très sexy! Je voudrais vous voir vous portez votre favori vêtements serrés !

  53. Charles Says:

    …. er, that was for Stef. Using some translation software to say THANKS STEF! :D

  54. Charlie Says:

    Hi stef,we are in the province of ontario,about an hour north of toronto.And to you ralph,yes we are game,were is jacksons point?

  55. Charlie Says:

    If you or anyone on here wants to contact me,i have a profile on xhamster and contact name is, average6999,we welcome visitors,pop in and say hi.

  56. Ralph Says:

    Thanks I may take you and Barb up on that Charlie. A great rack like that is hard to resist :) Jacksons Point is beside Sutton at the south end of Lake Simcoe

  57. skoberti stef Says:

    Tres gentil Charles !!! j ai 45 ans … ( 45 years old ) … je vais essayer de combler vos désirs … je vois qu’une lingerie fine et moulante ferait votre bonheur … et au plaisir de se rencontrer … votre francais est tres bon meme surprennant !!! bisous xxx

  58. Charles Says:

    Stef: Vous avez déjà rempli mon désir avec un 24 pouces mesure ! Toutes les photos que vous partagez sera une grande joie ! Je vais être honnête et dire que j’utilise une machine à traduire français.

  59. Charles Says:

    Hey we’ve got so many Canadian people here, I’m glad to know. I’ve been curious for a while to know if anyone remembers an online website run by someone calling himself ‘Captain Canucklehead.’ That was one of the first big breast picture collectors I recall finding. He’s the one who taught me was ‘macrosmastia’ was and showed pictures of Isabella Lanthier. Amazing!

    Oh, alternate post idea: have you ever done a post on Soleil Moon Fry? Maybe a ‘celebrity HHB’ angle. Too bad she had a hack job to remove them. :(

  60. morrd Says:

    well I’m in new york and always cross the border to go to Montreal to eat at joe beef restaurant and when you cross the border from new york to quebec you might as well be in france? hey canada you got some BIG TITTIES UP THERE A!

  61. Charles Says:

    “Run for the Border” morrd! LOL, but not quite taco bell! If Barb 50K is in Canada hell yeah they got some big one up there! :P

  62. Ralph Says:

    Do you have any pics of Barb on XHamster? What are their labels? I am a bit computer challenged and am trying to find your profile there

  63. skoberti stef Says:

    Isabelle Lanthier is a french canadian … From Montreal i think … a real huge breast with very thin body !!! her breast was growing when she was pragnet … 36 inches to 52 inches !!!

  64. Jeff L Says:

    I’m a day late to the party here, but wanted to say: wow! Those are fantastic huge boobs. Thank you for posting, Charlie. Hope everything else in Ontario is good too.

  65. jerry Says:

    Any chance Barb would do some complete sets and videos? I am sure she would be as successful as any of models out there now if she decided to really take up modeling.

  66. Hugey Says:

    It seems Barb is very very popular around here :) This is turning into an epic, Canadian-centric, multi-language thread!

  67. Charles Says:

    Seeing stef get motivated to post kind of rocks too! :D

  68. Gustave Says:

    @charlie:AMAZING!!!!and that doesn’t even get to cover the impact of seeing those huge HUGE breasts! I shudder to think what would be like to have that massive chest just inches from my face….all kind of praise for your stunning,amazing wife. Well done Charlie,well done indeed

  69. Charlie Says:

    Well thank you very much Gustave,glad you like them and yes,to have those massive bulging veined heavy udders hanging over my face is truely amazing,mind blowing infact,a monster tit lovers dream cum true thats for sure and she loves hanging those puppies in your face thats for sure.

  70. Femsup Says:

    Its rare to see someone so ripe and succulent and so amazingly imposingly heavy breasted.

  71. Charlie Says:

    Yes thats for sure,sent hugey some massive veined pics of barb,hope he posts them for everyone to see,they are out of this world

  72. Ralph Says:

    Delicious. Barb is some kind of mouth watering and cock stiffening Babe!!

  73. Barb Says:

    Hi Everyone…its Barb(Charlies 50K)
    Thank you for your flattering comments : )

  74. Barb Says:

    Thank You

  75. Barb Says:

    Thank you Hugey for posting Charlie s pic ; ) XO

  76. Charlie Says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm now you’s have both of us on here.

  77. rich 81 Says:

    Wow! Amazing huge breasts Barb! Thanks for sharing. :)

  78. Ralph Says:

    You are a doll Barb!

  79. hugey Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Barb, and thanks to you and Charlie for sharing these amazing pics – I got the new pics and will be sharing them soon ;)

  80. Gustave Says:

    @Barb:don’t thank me please,i MUST thank and praise you for.being so absolutely,unbelievable beautiful and generous enough to share your pics in here(you’re just too good to be true!!) and obviously Charlie(for convicing the wife into taking AND sharing these pics) and Hugey(for creating such an amazing place for us,huge heavy breasts lovers) can’t be forgotten.

  81. heavysaggyveiny Says:

    Goddess! You should model more babe, you got it all!

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