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Renee Ross 40J cupper – first impressions

A couple of weeks back I posted about Renee Ross – New 40J cup Model at Score. Well, at last we get a chance to have our first real look at Renee courtesy of these new pics just published over at XL Girls.

All pics courtesy of XL Girls

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6 Responses to “Renee Ross 40J cupper – first impressions”

  1. femsup Says:

    I can feel the weight of that breast restin gon her thigh.Such a lovely bottom and puss too.Want to bury my mouth and nose .

  2. android 17 Says:

    That’s just a nice thick piece of plow-able gal right there! I hope they can coax her into hardcore!

  3. hugey Says:

    Yes, I think we’re all in agreement she’s very very -able. In fact, I’d go further and say she’s plow-able, ply-able, cum-cover-able and very very fuck-able :-)

  4. Jeff L Says:

    I’m digging Renee Ross. I mean, bright happy smile, cute older face, long white-blonde hair, smooth hourglass plumpness, and monstrous sweater-bulging breasts.

    I like everything about her. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. clarity Says:

    Wow, incredible shape to her figure from top to bottom. Love to see her 50-lbs. heavier.

  6. hugey Says:

    Wow Clarity, you really do like em heavy. Renee + 50lbs would be definitely be a big deal!!

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