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Renee Ross’ Huge Breasts in a tight sweater

Some new pics of Renee Ross from Scoreland. Really like those white panties she’s wearing and the way the accentuate her plump tum.

Is it just me or does Renee Ross remind you of Kelly Bundy (aka Christina Applegate) from married with kids, albeit much plumper and more womanly?

All pics courtesy of Scoreland

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8 Responses to “Renee Ross’ Huge Breasts in a tight sweater”

  1. femsup Says:

    Pic 4 does it for me.Here we see her huge breasts displayed and inviting and those big strong lush thighs and a peak at her panties too.I can see everything quavering and wobbling and promising strength and health and sensuality.Pity she hasn’t a personality to match her huge breasts.

  2. hugey Says:

    Pics 5 and 8 do it for me. Those panties are getting me all hot and bothered :-)

    Fem – I know you’ve said a couple of times now that she’s not got much on the personality front. I’m not sure yet. Perhaps it’s the SCORE effect? Their sites and content do have a particular style.

  3. femsup Says:

    Yes you are right.They prefer to portray these Goddesses as air heads so she may be pandering to that.

  4. Hugey Says:

    Exactly Fem, that’s the point I was making. Score like their girls to fit a certain mould don’t they! Almost like they’re stuck in the 90s porn-style wise.

    Not saying that’s altogether a bad thing, I’ve got fond mammaries of the 90s. Fine decade for huge breasts :-)

  5. femsup Says:

    Yes it was the a decade when huge breasts even fake ones really took off.When the current stereo type of what is beautiful in a woman is demolished and big women com einto their own we will see an even greater number of huge breasted women being proud of their bodies.

  6. todd jones Says:

    Renee is so sexy, with a beautiful spirit and a lovely face and of course a super curvy body and great tits. She wets my appetite for more of her. Bring it on, oh yeah!

  7. Jesús Torrealba Says:

    wow, this babe is awesome!!!! i love all in her, breasts, face, smile, armpits, etc, etc, thanks for share

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