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Natasha Nelson is Rico’s World Girl

Doh! Perhaps a lot of you guys already new this! Well, I did too….kind of. While I was posting about Rico’s World huge tits girl the other day I was also looking at Natasha Nelson over at Big Tits Curvy Asses and asking myself is this the same girl? And thought, perhaps I should do a post linking these pics and Natasha’s lastest work. But, I was kind of busy so didn’t :-)

Anyway, thanat0s187 pointed out that Rico’s World girl is actually Natasha Nelson and she now works for the TheBossXXX, which of course is absolutely spot on….

Natasha Nelson before breast reduction operation

Natasha Nelson after breast reduction operation

It’s got to be said you she looks a lot more comfortable and happier now with her new body, albeit probably less appealling to huge heavy breast lovers. Having said that she’s still very busty with a reported 36JJ cup lady stack.

These pics are from Natasha Nelson’s 3rd and latest shoot with Big Tits Curvy Asses.

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15 Responses to “Natasha Nelson is Rico’s World Girl”

  1. Tony Says:

    She goes from having HUGE breasts to smaller breasts and still models her boobs :-/

    She would of made more money with her naturally huge fuckin tits than those suck boobs she has now, no offense Natasha; but I loved your huge breasts before :-\

  2. hugey Says:

    Hey Tony,

    I’m feeling your disappointment too man! Perhaps she now regrets trimming her tits down to this smaller size? I’ve got to agree with you that she could have made a fortune with her naturally given juggs – they were awesome.

    BUT, I think she was a good deal younger in those pics and she just didn’t look happy. Whether than was to do with the way she felt about her body or because she wasn’t sure about the modelling/porn work she was doing or some other factor I not sure. BUT she definitely didn’t look happy.

    Like you say though – justed loved those huge tits the way they were before.

  3. Tony Says:

    But now she’s going, “what can I do for a job” and im sure the incision for reduction now hurts more than when they first made their initial cut. She could of had it easy the rest of her life, lol

    Another morning person working at McDonalds, lol – have fun flippin burgers Natasha

  4. volaite Says:

    Yes, she looks 100x happier now, I bet she even in the states now and not in those forsaken countries Rico’s World exploits those poor women. Yea,she’s still packing her bra nicely, but she was a goddess with those natural balloons she had before. She looks like her life is better now, Im happy for her for that

  5. thanat0s187 Says:

    She seemed REALLY unhappy in her original Rico’s photos. And her videos are decidedly….. disturbing. And I actually think that she may not have had a reduction. Looking at those pics, I can’t see any scars. My theory is that she had the gigantomastia as a result of the pregnancy. And maybe a few years later, her breasts shrank back down. Who knows.

    And she’s definitely NOT a 36JJ now. Maybe an F or G at the biggest….

  6. thanat0s187 Says:

    More evidence to support my “shrinking” theory. In the Rico’s pics, one boob is clearly larger than the other. In the more recent BossXXX photos, that same boob is STILL bigger with the SAME off-center nipple. What plastic surgeon would half-ass the job?

  7. hugey Says:

    Hey thanat0s187,
    Some intertesting points you’ve raised. I agree with you about the Rico’s World content, there’s definitely something uncomfortable about it – I’ve only ever seen vids of Natasha (I think it was on one of the tube sites) and it’s an uncomfortable watch!

    I think you’re right about her having gigantomastia as a result of her pregnancy but I’m not sure that they shrunk back down naturally.

    Yes, 36JJ cup she ain’t, that’s what TheBOSSXXX says but that’s just sales talk. You’re right, now, she’s no more than F,G cup. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of holding a pair of 36JJ cups (and I have – several pairs) there’s no way Natasha comes remotely close to that. However, I wouldn’t dispute the claim that she was 36JJ cup before.

  8. wally Says:

    Who are you kidding??? This is not the same chick!!! Her eyes are not the same, her lips are not the same, her chin is not the same and I am sure that they would have not done a complete make over on her nipples and unless they inserted a different naval you there is not way that this is Natasha from Rico’s World.
    Don’t be asphyxiated just by the boobs… it will hurt your eyes and makes you go blind…. as it is obvious form some responses!!!

  9. Jack the Ripper Says:

    This guy is full of it. Those pics are from the mid 1990′s. Look at the areolas and nips. not to mention the face and the waist. These so-called latest pics are about 15 years old, before she has had any children. I think the pics above are from her 2nd pregnancy, not her first.

  10. Jackson Says:

    Your tits r terrible now. You ruined yourself

  11. the01artist Says:

    For those who do not know this. Natsha had HUGE tits that caused her a lot of pain. She was always bloated and looked like she was always pregnant. Now she looks normal. I like the way she looks now as she looks a lot happier. Guys are always thinking about themselves. I do not think that Rico was paying them shit compared to what he was probably making. Just sayin

  12. the01artist Says:

    Plus she looks like she is getting paid now. . .

  13. pel Says:

    Her tits before reduction were fantastic, although i feel sorry for her that it caused her a lot of pain and other problems and indeed she looks a lot happier at those new photos, but that’s also just a photo shoot…

    To summarize: I preferred the big,firm,swollen tits from before, but she has to live with them..

  14. Enzo Tosi Says:

    Natasha Nelson she still is a beautiful sweet Creature. I wish her happiness. ET

  15. natascha Says:

    Hola todos .
    si soy yo la dela Foto escribo español porque no puedo hablar bien ingles
    pero mi seno reduzieren solitos

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