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Roberta Pedon: Picture Gallery

I’ve decided to create a new category Vintage Big Tits to let us explore the busty legends of yore! Today’s busty legend is Roberta Pedon

I’ve always had a huge(y) thing for busty hippy chics and it’s probably down to this awesome girl! Many have followed in her busty boho footsteps but I think she must have been the first?

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28 Responses to “Roberta Pedon: Picture Gallery”

  1. hugey Says:

    Seeing these Roberta Pedon Hippy pics reminds me of the epic hippy pics and video shoot that Milena and Nadine did together…

  2. MisterC Says:

    Fantastic Hugey….
    Now we are cooking with peanut oil…..my intro to huge boobs, which shows my age…..college grad in 77. Like Devon who came much later, this girl along with Sylvia McFarland were my tag team of huge breast favorites along with Chesty Morgan in the 70′s.

    And, just like Devon superb feminine curves with a slant to a top heavy flavoring. Again look how big they are in relationship to her thin body & youthful age. What might she look like today….? For my mind it truly “BOGGLES” ……Did she gracefully plump up with age and accumulate the weight in all the right places..?

    Again obviously not as big as Abbi for example or many others, but like Devon she was not exposed to tremendous quantities of excess estrogens in the food products like women are today. Hmm makes me wonder what the Misses would look like had she been exposed at a more youthful age, since she is also much much larger than Roberta.

    Great find Hugey, one of my all time favorites & in my top 5 favs. with Abbi & Ginger.

  3. MisterC Says:

    BTW Hugey my hair was in a head band & down on my shoulders to, it was the true point of the style back then. So was “streaking” and many other bazaar behaviors.

    Picture number 3 above was on my dorm room wall & protected like my music collection of the era.

  4. MisterC Says:

    My roommate had this picture posted on the wall at the dorm:


  5. Boobers Says:

    Hugey–first of all let me say I think you have the best forum/blog for big boobs on the ‘net. I don’t see another site out there that gets as much interaction AND has ladies that appeal to me. Seems the others focus on Super Size BBWS or models with over-the-top silicone implants.

    Roberta was/is lovely and is similar to Devon–both exceptional busty ladies. Roberta I think was taller and a tad slimmer while Devon was probably one cup size larger in the bra. Both had wonderful natural bushes that this man could kiss and smooch all night long!

  6. Boobers Says:

    MisterC–there are many conflicting reports about Roberta. I have heard she was: Italian or Argentinian or American. Sadly, I have also read she passed away many years ago from a drug overdose and that she was pretty much homeless at the end. I sure hope this is not true–not because of her boobs, but because she seemed to be the sweet girl next door that does it for me.

    I’ll cling to a hope she is alive our there living in a place like Phoenix or Orlando with her husband and she works in a florist and drives a Honda accord lol. My hunch is this is also Devon Daniels life as well!

  7. Boobers Says:

    MisterC–one last thing about Devon–it’s pretty much been confirmed that Devon had a breast reduction years ago when she closed the curtain on her modeling career.

    Great mention of Sylvia McFarland! She was prior to my time (I am a kid of the 80′s) but Hugey–please consider a tribute for her on down the road.

  8. Breast Obsessed Says:

    Ah, yes, this is what I was talking about on the Devon post. She definitely was not the first, not by a longshot, and Ms. Pedon is a classic example. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Roberta until years after she had stopped posing, since I was still limited to my dad’s Playboys at that time. But she has a unique and amazing set of all natural torpedoes, grown long before the growth hormones and the obesity epidemic that now give many big busted women their charms. Let’s hope she never had those wonders altered in any way.

  9. MisterC Says:

    If true Boobers that is a crying shame with respect to the final history of Roberta’s life. One of the few & I do mean few women that still look cute with gaps in their teeth.

    If she only knew how many young college guys that pined for her during the 70′s. For about two years during the 70′s Sylvia & Roberta dominated the “Slim Huge Breast” model segment at the magazine stands. Russ Myer’s ladies were also available for those that wanted more size than Playboy offered. But, it was still an evolving market, where Playboy models were considered huge up top.

    Interesting era of women to compare to todays larger breasted women. And, yes today’s women do benefit in the breast size arena from cancerous estrogens in the natural environment, that did not exist in prior eras. This is one of the things the Misses & I covered in our book with the help of a famous homeopathic doctor.

  10. hugey Says:

    Boobers – thanks for the kind words bro. This site is Powered-By the enthusiasm, lust and knowledge of the community here. Some amazing characters both male and female. Great to read your stories…

  11. hugey Says:

    I really hope that Roberta’s story didn’t end like that! Boobers – where did you read that?

  12. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    YES! YES! YES! One of my all time favorites! First saw her in a photo layout in Gent, maybe about 1975/76. One of my first fantasy crushes as a horny teenager. If you guys are true fans, get a copy of a dvd of a film titled “Delinquent Schoolgirls” aka “Carnal Maniacs” a soft core grindhouse film from the mid 70′s. Roberta has a few scenes in it, as well as a number of other big tit models from that era. Pretty easy to find, you can get it on Amazon and even ebay. Heard the rumors about her hard times and eventual death. Pretty sad, hopefully they were not true.

  13. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Hugey, in regards to “hippie” chicks, there is a model named Dean Ackerlund who modeled a few years before Roberta. Worth a look. You’re welcome!

  14. hugey Says:

    Handsome D – wow, thanks bro! Dean Ackerlund is amazing. I love her long hippy hair and long torpedo shaped tits. She’s definitely added to the post queue..

  15. MisterC Says:

    That is another one I used to see at the local mag. stand in college. Great puffy torpedo nipples if I remember correctly, and CUUUUTEEEE

  16. MisterC Says:

    If this picture of Dean doesn’t grab you…..you are clinically dead:


  17. Jerry Says:

    Yeah! Love the vintage stuff from the 70s-80s especially Sylvia McFarland!

  18. luvembig Says:

    Great post, Hugey! Love the idea of vintage big tits. Roberta is definitely one of the best and is a first ballot member of the big tit hall of fame. I too hope the the rumors of her demise are false. That would be a real shame. Another of that era worth checking out is Penny Baltrani aka Lorna Wells. There isn’t much stuff of her out there, but I know she was on some of the Reel Classics videos and she did some pictorials.

  19. ca uk Says:

    hugey,, you are a legend my friend… this is such a cool post,, yes I remember her well from my younger days but ill be honest I didn’t pay her the attention then that she clearly deserves… im ashamed to say that.. I was so into ushi, candy and desirae back then I didn’t pay her much attention but my god how wrong I was… pics 2 and 11 are incedible my friend… looking at the milena/ Nadine pic is amazing.. wow look how milena dwarfes Nadine in titty size… incredible isn’t it??? you can talk about difference in bra size all day but until you see them side by side you don’t really get a feel for just how big milena is…

  20. ca uk Says:

    hugey keep up the great work friend,, I know I speak for everyone here when I say what a great job you do with this site,, we are a big tit community here and you are the leader hugey… great work freind

  21. ca uk Says:

    hey friend why your digging up some old school beauties any chance of some classic linsey dawn McKenzie please????? id be interested to hear what my big tit brothers would have to say about her…. best time would be her early 2000s stuff as she had a great natural growth spurt at this time… would really appreciate it hugey if you could get a post up on this incredible lady… many thanks…

  22. ca uk Says:

    to be honest hugey I don’t think linsey gets the recognition she deserves for the work she did in the big tit game in the late 90s early 2000s

  23. Femsup Says:

    LDM was born and grew up a few miles from me and I did see her around about the time she achieved fame at Wembley market.

    She was the most beautiful half caste woman on the o/s but not perhaps on the inside.

    I liked her shape of course before the silicone and she is definitely very important in the moulding of people into huge breasted women.

  24. Femsup Says:

    Perhaps vintage music videos too with at least hefty breasted women at least for the time.


  25. MisterC Says:

    Great song “Femsup”, you are stealing my thunder (Mark) as I am using that song as well as others in an assembly of “best of’s” video clip with the Misses & the music in the background. but, can’t seem to get everything to my liking as of yet

    Great song, shame Robert Palmer died so young

  26. Boobers Says:

    There was a guy on the net who is a big Roberta Pedon fan. He had a fan page but I can’t seem to see it anymore. It was there that I read about her sad ending. If you go to the bearchive, I think you can find some good info there. She always seemed so sweet. Got see her in Delinquent School Girls!

  27. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Boobers, that guy used the name “Pedonbio”. I used to be a member of a few of his “Yahoo” groups. Last I heard, he was writing a book about Roberta. He was an agent for a few models back in the 70′s. He had a few Yahoo groups including one for a model known as “Ditta Haslund”. He had a Dean Ackelund group and a Annie Parducci (Little Oral Annie) group, and a Mary Waters group too.

  28. ca uk Says:

    @handsome dennis,, wow you really are the walking encyclopedia where tits are concerned,, serious knowledge friend!!!! @ femsup,, been a huge LDM fan since her beginning… I saw her in a bar in the west end around 98/99… much more beautifull in real life… had a breast reduction some years back but I believe has since had augmentation??? strange,, she shouldn’t have messed with good ol mother nature… saw her some months back on one of those phone chat line channels… she still looks good in my eyes… hope hugey runs a post on her im interested to see what comments it pulls with you guys..

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