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Sarah Rae: Self Sucking XL Girl

Sarah Rae showing off her self sucking skills over at XL Girls

Is this shoot titled Lingerie Lust Sarah Rae looks like she’s getting heavier which I don’t mind at all. She was always a little plump but here she looks like a true XL Girl

and here’s the preview video from the same shoot from XL Girls.

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Busty Sarah Rae, Liana38MM and Sapphiresboobs

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12 Responses to “Sarah Rae: Self Sucking XL Girl”

  1. lisasuzanne Says:

    Looks like Sarah enjoys her tits…jealous here…

    Your seattle shemale

  2. Charles Says:

    Aww yeah!! I love that pose! Sarah has awesome boobs, but she has a smile that tends to be kind of an ‘oversmile.’ Know what I mean? I like pics 9 and 10 best she really looks like she’s enjoying herself (like in the video!) and of course the double nipple self sucking post. That’s some suctions to hold up HHB size tits!

  3. ca uk Says:

    very sexy lady with soft creamy tits,, the self sucking shot is awesome indeed… look at that cleavage in pic 4,, its gotta be a foot long.. wow!!!!!!!!!!! shes been doing some sterling work over at score..

  4. luvembig Says:

    That last pic where she’s totally nude made me ’bout lose it. She comes across in her photos and videos like she would really be fun to be around. Not to mention she’s as sexy as hell.

  5. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    my type of women big thick full, large heavy curvy, i so much prefer this type over slim n stacked. give me hips or give me nothing

  6. Femsup Says:

    Oh my Goddess yes she is so full and creamy and curvy. Very strong jaws to take that weight of succulent breast flesh. I used to go out with someone who looked a little like her. She was only a E cup but for a teenager that was plenty in those days.

  7. Gustave Says:

    Reeeally hot and the last pic of her in the nude:awesome!!she seems genuinely naughty and that smile on her is a deal sealer. And curvy and busty as they come!!

  8. Sarah Rae @BustySarahRae Says:

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the positive comments and check out my new set! <3

    I am in my videos and on cam the same as I am in real life. Especially my newer stuff to come! I really had fun with it and don't try to take stuff too seriously.

    My smiles are natural in the pictures. Their camera man is hilarious and I was laughing litarally the whole time. I'm not sure what this whole oversmile thing is about, but a lot of my pictures are actually captured in mid-laugh.

    Thanks so much again guys! I'm glad you like my stuff and hope to bring you many more pics and vids in the future! :-D

  9. ca uk Says:

    hey sarah,, always good to see you interact with your fans we look forward to seeing more

  10. Charles Says:

    Sarah! How awesome that you stopped by to post!! Well yeah I guess that was me opening my mouth, so I guess I best explain. What’s important is that you’re having a good time. But if you smile too wide it’s like leering, kind of like I’m in for some pain not some pleasure! ;) Nothing bad sweetheart, just don’t get wicked plans for me. You have a body like a dream!! Don’t think I’m not 100% turned on by seeing you. I love em huge and heavy!

  11. Gustave Says:

    Thanks Sarah for taking a moment to let us know what you feel!!and even greater is to know that you have fun while sharing your beauty with all of us. That only makes you hotter…

  12. luvembig Says:

    If we are going just by these pics, I’d have to say Sarah Rae. I love that nude pic of her with that look on her face and that twinkle in her eye. Gorgeous!

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