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Silicone Free – so many girls but who to post?

There’s so many girls at Silicone Free that I still haven’t posted about yet. I actually got stuck today and didn’t know who to post about. So, here’s the deal, I decided to pick quite a few (and post some snippets) and let you decide who you’d like to see a full post on.

Some new girls and some not so new from Silicone Free but who would you like to see a full post on?

Jemilyn – heavy looking young guns

Pam – an old favourite

Brenda – new ‘mature’ girl with huge nipples

Nikki – careful Nikki, you’ll hurt your back lifting those babies

Jitka – new girl

Destina – keeping her identitties under wraps

DLyshaJonez – nice big heavy ones

All pics courtesy of Silicone Free.

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14 Responses to “Silicone Free – so many girls but who to post?”

  1. Epok Says:

    Jemilyn <3

  2. mark Says:


  3. mark Says:

    Ooooohhh; wait, maybe Brenda!

  4. femsup Says:

    The first pic who is she?You can just see her offering you milk.

    My woman has nipples the size of Brenda’s.pams display is nice in and out of that rather bedraggled top.Jitka looks a little world weary.We would have to cheer her up with a lot of breast play.

    With Destina I get a feeling of a Southern chain gang like in “Cool Hand Luke” except its just not that civilian woman washing the car but all the guards and many of the inmates that have huge breasts.

    DylyshaJonez looks really experienced and at home and content with her huge heavy weight breasts.The first pic of her in particular does it for me.Hummm deciscions deciscions.Its going to be DylyshaJonez for me.

  5. Tony Says:

    very nice update!

  6. Anorei Says:

    I vote for Brenda, Jemilyn comes in a very close second though. XD

  7. femsup Says:

    What is your criteria for picking those two Anorei?By the way none of them are a patch on your good looks.

  8. hugey Says:

    Well, not exactly conclusive :-)

    I’ve still got to vote as well of course. I’d have to say Jemilyn or DylyshaJonez although not particularly in that order. I do like Brenda too – those nipples are awesome.

    So, I think I’ll need to do more than one post! Jemilyn seems to get the most mentions so perhaps we’ll start with her…watch this space!

  9. bigtitsfan Says:

    put pam she has the best boobs !

  10. Anorei Says:

    Brenda/Jemilyn were very close, but Brenda seemed to be a bit less shy/embarassed in the few preview photos. They both have nicely shaped breasts, but Brenda’s nipples caught my attention fast =)

  11. femsup Says:

    Thanks for telling us the why for on you choice.

  12. J-MONEY Says:

    I would like to see a full feature on PAM from Siliconefree.com because she has the best looking and perfect breast and would love to see her go hardcore on BigTitsCurvyAsses, Scorevideo, XLGirls or any other sex site because I see she has a little freak in her when I had her do a show for me on Imlive and she told me she would consider working with those sites if someone would contact her.

    I’m one of Blackamatuerboobs.com & Bodaciousblacks.com photographers and have reached out for a photo shoot with her and hope she will say yes because I have some ideas of how I would shoot her.

  13. DaDon Says:

    Pam, Nikki, Jemilyn, Jitka, & DLyshaJonez

  14. Khiljee Says:

    I’d love to see lots n lots of the mature in the first pic.

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