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Spying on Chaka in Bra & Nylons!

Another cracker from the XL Girls top drawer for you today. A chance to spy on big titted Chaka through the open blinds of her bedroom window.

**DEAR LORD!!** You can’t believe your eyes when you pass by your new neighbour’s bedroom window and see this! There’s no way you can pass up this opportunity :-)

All pics from XL Girls archive.

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9 Responses to “Spying on Chaka in Bra & Nylons!”

  1. smotherme Says:

    what a body on chaka – built for sin & comfort!
    love that 6th pic where you can see her giant right breast from the
    side – love the way her breasts explode off her chest and stand straight
    out firm, proud & defiant. You can really see the size & volume of her
    tits from the side. They could care less about gravity!
    Look at the size of that bra flung carelessly over her shoulder like some
    vanquished foe!

  2. hugey Says:

    Great comments Smotherme :-)

    Definitely built for sin and comfort! These are some of the best pics I’ve seen of Chaka. As well as her huge powerful busen, I love the last 2 nylon-camel-toe pics

    Best video I ever saw of Chaka is over at Juggmaster.com – anyone else seen it? It’s the one of Chaka walking around the swimming pool shot POV style! What an approach she makes. In it she’s bigger and heavier looking – her tits included. What a sexy, confident walk she makes towards us; we can only sit there, mouth open, with eyes like saucers, as she walks around the pool and sits on the sunbed beside us. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched that video :-)

  3. femsup Says:

    Love the tight clad POV pics.Another Chakka has lovely huge breasts.Chakka Khan a lovely sweet natured woman who brought us some lovely songs.

  4. bigtitsfan Says:

    wow she is just built for fucking :) love pic 7 the way they hang.

  5. Tony Says:

    I remember this woman; reminds me of the two huge titted black girls I seen on the job today.

  6. Hugey Says:

    Chaka Khan – now you’re talking Fem! Top Heavy Disco Diva “I’m every Women, it’s all in me”. Yes, I’m a big fan of both Chakas.

    Lucky man Tony! Were they top heavy girls? Was there any interaction :-)

  7. Tony Says:

    We were sorta in the middle of a discussion about our recent GPS trackers they just installed on our trucks with the guy who is overseeing the whole operation and on the side of the curb it was hard to throw out any “Hey HEY Hey” type of comments but she looked to be about Kristina Milan’s size, and call me crazy for looking but the other girl who was walking out of a school had the side boob, some people call it “the return” that appeared to be Merilyn Sakova’s shape. It was wrong, but I did steal a glance… This all happened within an hour. I wouldn’t say that it was like seeing a Sasquatch or Big Foot because Black women are known to more frequently have larger breasts than any other culture.

  8. femsup Says:

    I think Black men appreciate larger women who tend on average to have larger breasts.Concommitant to that Black women are thus on average more at ease with their size.

  9. Hugey Says:

    Ok Tony, I get the picture. Hard not to steal a glance when they’re Merilyn big. Never heard of “the return” before. WHat does it mean?

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