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Sundreams90: Best Amateur Ever?

Wow, how gorgeous is Sundreams90 guys? Talk about the girl of your wet dreams!! Off the scale in my book. Best amateur ever?

Sundreams90 is a bit of a sensation on reddit were she’s posted lots of pics. Here’s a selection of some amazing pics from this huge tits amateur.

Get more of Sundreams90 at Reddit

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46 Responses to “Sundreams90: Best Amateur Ever?”

  1. Juggsman Says:

    Mmmmm yes she could do a lot for me a real girl next door of your dreams type. She has an amazing dress sense and knows exactly how to dress in a provocative manner to show her great body at its best.

  2. Jeff L Says:

    Wow. Yes, one of the best amateurs I’ve ever seen… and this is the first I’ve seen of her! Cute smile, gymnastics training (omg!), ba-boom giant boobs, curvy as hell. Wonderful.

    Hope to see more of her!

  3. luvembig Says:

    Really, really nice. Would love to see more of her. I agree, she must have been a gymnast the way she’s doing the splits. I love the amateur pics.

  4. morrd Says:

    I’d trow her one.That’s trow?…”Oh forget about it”hey Hugey that’s funny about “building” pops up once in a while and is always talking “shite”never says nice things about the ladys hhhahahaha yeah he’s got fucken TOURETTES HAHAHA LOL!

  5. lisasuzanne Says:

    Just luv her sexy lingerie…red is always hot.
    Biue bra is stunning…. what a incredible amateur.

    Your seattle shemale xoxo

  6. Jeff L Says:

    luvembig — I think she’s STILL a gymnast, from the way she answered a question on reddit.com. Hard to tell, but in one section she jokes about the perils of performing a “balance beam routine” with such large breasts.

    Which is not something you ever do casually.

    But whatever the case, she’s super in-shape and remarkably flexible. Read she’s soon going to medical school too, so she’s all about health and biology.

    I tip my cap.

  7. Krille Says:

    Helt ok

  8. Charles Says:

    I love real amateurs with a fresh looking smile and massive melons! I’ve seen her before, I just never knew her name. Thanks for the link! Sundreams is awesome!

    I bust my cap.

  9. ca uk Says:

    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!! what a find hugey,, perfect slim n stacked with that gorgeous girl next door smile… titties are wonderfull and check out those nips in the pink jumper,, have your bloody eye out!!!!!!! ass looks decent to… really great find friend please post more asap…

  10. ca uk Says:

    love what shes wearing in the last shots,, old school!!!! don’t see so much of this these days which is a shame as I love it….. stockings,sussies, heels, lace panties… used to be a staple in my day back in the 70s and 80s…

  11. ca uk Says:

    another I like,, cassie

  12. Femsup Says:

    Almost without exception (there was only one lass that did not take my fancy) these women are lovely examples of top heaviness that keeps us in thraldom.


  13. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    looks like her breasts might be fake

  14. Mister C Says:

    I was wondering that myself Bernard, but she could just be a youthfully firm lass. Without being fully topless, & also in several poses it is difficult for my old eyes to tell. This is the photo that suggest to me she may be real, as it shows underarm breast meat heading towards her back, which is seldom noticeable on augmented tits.


    But, some topless shots would help the expert viewers on HHB

    She is a “Doll Baby” though

  15. oslo Says:

    Good find Hugey – this girl knows the importance of correct fitting underwear….what a doll !!

  16. Gustave Says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all!!!UNBELIEVABLE!!She’s got it all!!:a tiny frame with HUGE tits,a nice ass,really cute face and a fashion sense too!!the ultimate girl next door!! What?she’s not only flexible as hell but into comics AND cosplay to boot!?!marry me!!!

  17. Hugey Says:

    Lol Gustave – you summed it up perfectly. She ticks all the boxes and then some!

  18. Hugey Says:

    Mister C – definitely not augmented in my view. I’m just not seeing/feeling augmented at all with this girl, although, that said, you never know.

  19. hugey Says:

    Lol Richie – upbeat as ever

    Who would you have above Sundreams90?

  20. ca uk Says:

    hugey im with you,, need to see the titties out but my instinct says real,, great to have you back mister c I was wondering where you had gone… @Richie ha ha your a funny guy

  21. ca uk Says:

    fucking hell femsup incredible pics,, what is this site and is there more?? pic 3 girl on left as we look…. wowzers

  22. ca uk Says:

    hugey did you get a look at this????

  23. Femsup Says:

    Yes mile after mile of gorgeous toothsome women with the most delectably huge breasts.

  24. Femsup Says:


  25. Femsup Says:

    I love these amateur and self taken photos. It shows the pride of these women in their femininity and their sexuality. They know how strong and attractive they are and they know that in a large part this is down to their gorgeous breasts.

    But also their confidence. And why are they so confident. Because they are understanding of the power and allure of heir huge breasts. Its a virtuous circle. One we can all help by praising the beauty and power and confidence of these women.

  26. hugey Says:

    Ca uk/Femsup – I saw those pics on imgur, yes, amazing amateurs. imgur is an amazing site isn’t it. It’s an image sharing site used by lots of communities, most notably the reddit crowd.

  27. wow Says:

    without a doubt one of the best amateurs ever. i would bet a lot of money that she is jewish as well. I dunno if I am alone on this theory but i feel like the majority of girls i meet with huge tits are jewish. anyone else agree?

  28. Marko Says:

    I’ve seen her topless somewhere. I wanna say she was doing a wet T-shirt contest. The vid is on dailymotion.com I’m sure of it.

  29. Gustave Says:

    Hugey:she does,doesn’t she?Gods!!!it seems i’m living in the wrong side of the world. Here(Argentina)is easier to find girl with great asses but a busty gal is a rare find,not to mention the (almost,i have to keep the faith)impossibility of HHB girl! I see huge breasted models pop out from all over Europe,the States and even Asia!! Are these godesses isolated cases or there is a large pool of big breasted women from where these came from? Could anyone of the many,many readers of this blog confirm this? Does anyone lives in or.near tha places i’ve listed? I ask because seeing so much chest-flesh makes me want to grab my passport in a hurry to visit these oceans of huge,enormous breasts

  30. Gustave Says:

    Marko:wow you’re sure?it would be awesome to see those babies swinging free!!

  31. festive Says:

    She got the goods, very nice. But Im still intrigued by TW Girl from last decade

  32. ca uk Says:

    gustav,, its a funny thing…. the UK is a hotbed of big tit talent for sure but oddly enough whenever I go out on titty patrol it always becomes ass watch as finding big tit girls wandering my town isn’t as easy as I thought

  33. hugey Says:

    festive – yes, TW Girl is the obvious comparison/benchmark for me too :) Sundreams90 is very now isn’t she – totally cool with the social sharing thing and gets it all out there. No qualms about sharing things on the web.
    TW Girl was for a different era – early-internet period. I was expecting the TW Girl comparison, I’m glad you brought it up.

  34. hugey Says:

    ca uk – titty patrol, lol. I’ve got titty patrol software running in the background. It’s on 24/7. You kind of forget about it…BUT when a pair of huge tits come into view you get INSTANT SYSTEM WAKE-UP, lol.

  35. ca uk Says:

    hugey yeh im on a 24/7 mode also but those big ol titties seem a bit far and few between round these parts,,, having said that ive recently moved towns to Bedford and the titty count is on the up…

  36. Marko Says:


    Here she go………..I think lol

  37. hugey Says:

    marko – great clip! it’s not sundreams90 BUT talk about totally destroying the competition!!

  38. Gustave Says:

    Ca uk:really?aw mate! i was so sure that the uk would be a retina-scorching vision of huge breast after huge breast but you just shot down that plane ticket!! I wouldn’t mind a nice shaped ass but with NO tits to speak of,me thinks the magic will be gone somewhat fast. Hugey:lol that software is really intrusive,isn’t it?it seems i’m always on the watch so i can relate but as i said in an earlier comment,busty gals in my part of town(or just about everywhere i go)seems almost non existent. Wich is such a let-down! I envy the neighbors of Kristina Milan or Vanessa Del(to name just a couple)

  39. Gustave Says:

    Hugey:i don’t see sundreams and TW Girl so alike,not physically(sundreams is more well built imho)not even in the nature of their “exposure”(sundreams is willingly submiting her pics,on the other hand,according to the lore,TW didn’t know her then bf was posting every single picture he took of her) and i’d love to see the face of that legend,that would be it for.me

  40. hugey Says:

    Gustave – I feel for you bro. I think you should set sail for Europe, that’s where the “Boobies Grow and Hang Low” :)

    We should send you on quest, lol. “Gustave’s Big Boobie Aventure”. The story of one man’s quest for Huge Breasts. From the flat chested expanse of Argentina to the heavy chested streets of Europe and North America.

    Can you image the video diary: The opening titles is a choppy edit of Gustave’s first walk down a heavy chested street! One word edits – “HOLY F@#k”….”SHIT”….”FU*K ME”….. :)

  41. Charles Says:

    What about Diana from “Loving Diana”? Wasn’t she from Argentina? Man, I liked her big round H cups!

  42. Gustave Says:

    Hugey:lmao and what a quest that would be!!the search for the huge breasts,the examination of the specimens found,ahhh a glorious adventure indeed!! And to be fair to the whole of Argentinian women,there must be for sure big,and even huge breasted women out there but I’m so shit out of luck that I can’t find any

  43. Gustave Says:

    And Europe does sound like a likely destination. I was thinking Prague(the beer,the sights,the women,the breasts). Any other place you think of having a high chance of finding ridiculously well endowed women?

  44. hugey Says:

    Gustave – since it’s a quest I think you’d need to go to each of the European Capitals. Prague would definitely be a good place to start. You could get Alicia Loren and the KGS Girls to show you around :)

  45. Gustave Says:

    Hugey – you’re right,you’re absolutely right. I chose Prague because its the birthplace of Jana Defi(a true slim’n’stacked if I ever saw one)and she always said that there were lots and lots of busty girls

  46. Gustave Says:

    Hugey – Wow I’ve kind of dissmised this post because of the old pics but the possibilities of a get-together with Alicia Loren more than deserves a detailed look!! If its really Alicia answering, I’ll have you know that you have me readying my passport with those promises!!

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