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Suzie Q: New M-Cup Girl Divine Breasts

I managed to get some advanced viewing pictures of new girl Suzie Q who makes her debut at Divine Breasts tomorrow. Enjoy :)

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Heavy Chested Suzie before but not entirely sure where. Hopefully Divine Breasts have shot lots of pictures and videos of this mature bra buster.

Get the full picture set and over at Divine Breasts.

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17 Responses to “Suzie Q: New M-Cup Girl Divine Breasts”

  1. big band Says:

    the new Model Suzie
    will exceed the big Karola
    Suzie very sexy woman

  2. jj Says:

    Suzie is one majic girl with a great pair of boobs that we will no doubt enjoy over and over again.

    Thanks big band!

  3. misterc Says:

    The ponderous & pendulous girth displayed in the last several pictures is superb to say the very least. Look to be super heavy to boot, which is always a plus to a “Big Boob Patriot”

  4. Biggs Says:

    She looks REALLY familiar! She has massive boobs, but her stomach is a lil too big for me. Dont get me wrong im not saying all i like flat stomachs. but the tit to stomach ratio is kinda big to me. She’s still very attractive. Hope no one blows my comment out of proportion lol

  5. Hugey Says:

    Yes, I’m positive I’ve seen Suzie before but can’t think where! Anyone?

  6. Hugey Says:

    Who else wants to see Suzie do a BRA DROP :) If Force = mass * acceleration, then once gravity accelerates those MASSive titties then we’re in for some serious FORCE….

  7. Jamie Says:

    She,s amazing

  8. Gaz Says:

    I’ve been eager to see more after stumbling across one of her vids on Dailymotion a while ago. Another vid has since cropped up on the web. Try searching “Suzie Q the biggest tits”. On camsites she uses the name SuzyQs44Ks, apparently.

  9. Big C Says:

    I will be happy to let everyone in on the internets biggest secret, SuzyQs44Ks!! Many of you have seen short clips of her opening webcam shows. I ask you to wait until you see her entire clips at xhamster or bbwcams dot com. Huge dildo and dirty, extremely dirty talk from an older woman as beautiful as this does not come around everyday. She’s an instant favorite.

  10. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    excellent model i would like to shoot her filming close up of her breasts silicone free style, almost like going underneath niagra falls

  11. big band Says:


  12. luvembig Says:

    Great find, Hugey! Very attractive and sexy woman. Fantastic breasts. I may have to head over to DB’s and renew my subscription. She has “peaked” my interest.

  13. kforce Says:

    Mama mia! A Vision!

  14. PineTree38 Says:

    Mov over Karola you got competition !

  15. big band Says:

    KAROLA has bigger breasts that SUZIE Q
    KAROLA is aged , 56 years and sensual

  16. TK Says:

    @BigC wasn’t a big secret most of us knew who she was

  17. ugly carol 38ffff Says:

    Boys this is an incredible woman. Looks like chessie moore but way hotter.has a deep sensual voice like lulu devine. A woman who loves fucking and dominating with her massive breasts. Mmmmmmm new fav.

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