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Suzie Q: Huge Knockers Yellow Top Video

Nice to see Suzie Q getting in to the swing of things, quite literally, in this latest video for Divine Breasts.

These are screencaps from Suzie’s latest HD Video for Divine Breasts. Suzie is wearing a yellow top, braless, and it isn’t long before she releases the girls and has them swinging heavy!

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7 Responses to “Suzie Q: Huge Knockers Yellow Top Video”

  1. messersmith k Says:

    SUZY Q it becomes more sexy that KAROLA woman old 56 years

  2. Femsup Says:

    We will always have an affection for Karola but Suzie Q can join her in that pantheon of huge chested Goddeses.I like amost everything about her from her good looks to the size and shape and weight of her breasts.She has a superb cleavage both long and deep.Stretch marks,veins and montgomery glands.

    Her aerolea are quite pale but i think it goes with the colouring of the meat and neck of her breasts.They are a good proportion of the meat of her breasts too.The neck of her breasts is not to narrow and flares out to the fullness of the meat of her breast.

    Only inponderables are the taste smell nd texture of her skin.

  3. tuggerjb Says:

    Can’t believe somebody’s grandmother is giving me wood! I’m so ashamed lol.

  4. Johnmtaggart Says:

    Why can’t she suck her boobs with just one hand ? She use both hands on one boob is her boobs that heavy that she can’t just use one hand ?

  5. luvembig Says:

    Those are truly some monster boobs. Wonder if she can throw ‘em over her shoulders.

  6. luvembig Says:

    I got a new take on little red riding hood. Instead of the wolf dressed as a grandma in the bed when little red riding hood comes in, it can be Suzy Q in the bed topless and little red riding hood can say “grandma what big boobs you have” instead of “grandma what big teeth you have.”

  7. ynotaskme Says:

    My gf is not that big being a 44J almost a K, andI can tell ya after I showed her this chick, she smirked at her. I asked if she would contemplete doing a 3 some with Suzie. Believe me, there was a wikked grin. My Gf really needs to pose, I said. She just hasn’t made that – Jump- yet to showing her face….yet.

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