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Suzie Q: Mature Heavy Hangers

Got some ‘old school’ mature heavy hangers for you to enjoy today. Check out these new pictures of Suzie Q just released from Divine Breasts

DAMN! Who else would like to bang those big soft, mature heavy hangers together and listen to the thunder clap! Suzy is definitely one of THE models of 2012 for me and a great addition to the cast at Divine Breasts.

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12 Responses to “Suzie Q: Mature Heavy Hangers”

  1. AUHSOJ Says:

    WOW, every day she gets bigger and better! Simply one of the most stunning models I’ve seen in a great while!

  2. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    wow outstanding tits! they are simply huge!

    she appears to be a Q cup !!!!!

  3. luvembig Says:

    She is a great MILF. Who knew veins and stretch marks could be so sexy.

  4. Femsup Says:

    I love her stretch marks.She has unusual montgomery gland distribution on her left breast which is nice to see.

  5. Ralph Says:

    She is sweet!!!

  6. tuggerjb Says:

    DADDY!!!!! Tell grandma to stop flashing my friends!!!! LOL!!

  7. Greyson Starks Says:

    I swear 2012 has been quite a year for big breasts…the XXX debut of Lexxxi Luxe, Roxi Red, Mz. Diva is back, and Susie Q is the cherry on top. Damn those titties are big!

  8. Ralph Says:

    She is like tit heaven. Wunderbar

  9. Breastaholic Says:

    Whoppers man! Just out of sight! Love it. These are the big heavy pendulous melons I’m looking for. Q cup and beyond! I’d totally hose her down if grandpap ever gets tired.

  10. Breast obsessed Says:

    Wow,I’m in love! I had to jack off 3 times within the last 10 minutes over Suzy q!
    I am 32 and love older women with big tits! I fucked my moms sister when I was 21 because she looked like Suzy q,I still remember the sound her huge tits made slapping against her belly while she rode my cock.
    I can’t believe some guys here think Suzy q is too old.

  11. bigboobluva Says:

    @ breast obsessed …. great story. i had a similar situation. whats the biggest youve ever encountered?

  12. TitJuggler Says:

    Wow, just imagine this scenario, she is your mom’s extremely chesty friend, and calls you over needing some help around the house, she answers the door wearing this an takes your hand and leads you to a big comfy couch and goes on her knees in front of you, and rests her huge tits on your lap, “you can play with them if you want.” She says as she starts to suck on your dick. She then get you up and leads you up those stairs to her bed, there she bends over ans you raw dog her hard and make those awesome tits jiggle. “You can stick it in my ass now if you want.” You do and give it to her hard as she orgasms, you then pull out and she goes on her knees and you Cummings all over her huge tits and face.

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