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Suzie Q: Norma Stitz & Sapphire

DAMN!! Suzie Q and Norma Stitz together in the latest update at Suzie Has Big Boobs. What a titfuck tag team!

Suzie Has Big Boobs but Norma Stitz Has Massive Boobs! Some intertesing side-by-side comparison in this shoot called Suzie & Norma Tit-fuck Sapphire.

here is a clip of Suzie Q & Norma Stitz Video

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20 Responses to “Suzie Q: Norma Stitz & Sapphire”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Wow that’s alot of tit meat! and meat meat too

  2. Kaydee Says:

    I would truly like to see Norma team up with Miosotis and Cotton Candy. Now that would be a Mega Mammary trio! Mio would need an interpreter cause she doesn”t speak a lick of English but it would be well worth the language barrier

  3. skoberti stef Says:

    Norma have a breast much more bigger WOW ( 3 time more bigger !!! ) … to compare with Suzy Q

  4. Charles Says:

    OMG this rocks! Just imagine if you were in there with some real wood instead of the woman with the strap on! No doubt Norma is the queen, but Suzy looks mighty nice! They look pretty cozy on that couch. GMILF

  5. hugey Says:

    Charles – that would be some sandwich! Imagine having Norma/Suzy either side of you on the sofa. That would blow my mind and my wad :)

  6. hugey Says:

    this pic just goes to show how big Norma really is


    I mean, her tits are SOOO MUCH BIGGER that Suzie’s…and SUZY is HUGE!!

  7. morrd Says:

    Yeah no doubt I love SUZIE and NORMA and the other lovely lady joining in. Ha talk about “AXE WOUNDS WITH BIG BALLOONS”hahahaha. But these ladies are really increadible and how wonderful it is for them to share with the world and all of the “GOZANGA GOBLINS” @ HUGE HEAVY BREAST (best site hands down) the glorious juggs they have obtained by the work of the almghty.Ok enough dicken around..I’m not eighteen any more ladies I need more.The old ooooo. yeah aaahhhh. ttttssss look at how big your titties are no look how big you are ooooooo yeah baby?AAAAAH NO! Can some one please step it up please.How! well liike? a young blond skinny white girl of eighteen years of age sucking on NORMA’S JUGGS? or a young black girl or white girl sucking on SUZIES JUGGS? You don’t have to have sex. Just get alittle more well you know PERVERTED?If i witnessed a video such as this I think I would “jack off till the jackles came home”These king of videos are rare indeed.There are only a view MILENA VELBA”RENE ROSS with SOPHIA WHATS HER NAME.(GREAT GREAT VIDEO’s)This why I make video’s with “MASSIVE MARIA”So I can watch them later and “Persecute My Pecker”So please please hear my hopes and fantasy”s and get MORE DIRTY! ok! good thanks.

  8. ca uk Says:

    it would take a serious cocksman to get in amongst that tit-action,, jeez who could take these titty queens on??? shane diesel springs to mind..

  9. ca uk Says:

    haven’t heard from the tit master himself mister c just lately.. hope alls well there

  10. tuggerjb Says:

    These 2 women are udderly embarrassing themselves if you ask me!It looks like Norma’s tits just gave birth to theirs lol! Cotton Candi and Lexxi Luxxe would have been better choices. At least they’re all in the same tittie weight class. They can definitely lose the chick with the average size tits and the strap on! Yuck!

  11. Charles Says:

    Tugger, I agree about this “Sapphire” … could have done without. And I think the common link her is not titty size, but age. (But Suzie is definitely big leagues in size!) I do think they are good friends of the same generation, and so I say GMILF.

  12. colt13 Says:

    Love that Suzieq did this. Some women won’t pose with someone bigger.

  13. Femsup Says:

    Yes when you think you are the biggest on the block and then someone comes and blows you away it is very brave to do such pic.

    Norma moves so smoothly and gracefully and although Suzie Q is huge Norma looks so much bigger. Proof (though it should not be needed by now) that Norma has the largest known breasts on the planet.

  14. skoberti stef Says:

    You’re right Colt … some woman won’t pose with someone bigger !!! some woman want to look perfect with the biggest boobs … Suzy Q is very correct and she is not afraid about comparason … Like some men do sex with tiny tiny girl only … for one reason … his dick ( penis) look bigger with tiny tiny tiny frame girl !!! loll … Thanks Hugey great pics !!!

  15. Charles Says:

    Hey stef! How are you? :D

  16. skoberti stef Says:

    great charles !!! …and you … your wife ( with very hot breast ) !!!

  17. Juggsman Says:

    Quality it’s tit queens together that makes for some of the best huge tit material and this certainly hits the button. Norma has never been a fav of mine but I have always admired her massive volume of pure tit flesh, she is just colossal.

  18. bigger Says:

    norma stitz, suzie, karola, miosotis, milena velba and xx-cell movie in action tits war

  19. Femsup Says:

    Great to see them celebrating each others huge breasts. its about sisterhood and togetherness. Its inspiring to see. Look how they look after each other by rubbing cream on their breasts to keep the skin soft and supple. There is shared joys and woes.

  20. Guyl Says:

    Norma’s tits are absolutely perfect in every way!!!

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