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Suzie Q: Pics from DivineBreasts

Got some more BBW Suzie Q pictures from Divine Breasts for you today.

Divine Breasts are saying this is a dominatrix picture set but it’s really just Suzie Q wearing leather. That said she looks like she could be every bit the domme if she wanted to be.

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16 Responses to “Suzie Q: Pics from DivineBreasts”

  1. misterc Says:

    If she is a K or KK or even a KKKK then we should be able to “Find Bird Shit in a Coo Coo Clock”.

    Those are N’s at a minimum. I rest my case your honor…..

  2. Hugey Says:

    You said it misterc! Suzie-Q is packing mahoosive titties. The straps of her leather over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder are digging deep!

  3. AUHSOJ Says:

    If needs it, she can rest her breasts right on my shoulders!

  4. Ralph Says:

    Those tits are plump and way over a K cup

  5. james band 007 Says:

    suzy Q
    Frau Deutschland ?
    ich liebe dich ! Suzy Q

  6. Big C Says:

    I vote her for Plumper of the Year!!! Nobody else even sparks my interest like she does.

  7. skoberti stef Says:

    i hope to see full view of her body …

  8. Femsup Says:

    I saw her webcam show and she totally fills he screen,The pictures here don’t show the real enormity of her beautiful body.

  9. luvembig Says:

    An incredible woman. I love to crawl into that cleavage and never come out.

  10. Hugey Says:

    Lol Luvembig – you’d go into hibernation if you crawled into that cleavage!!

    You’d also find the rest of us in there :)

  11. skoberti stef Says:

    full view of her … but she seem to have a very wide body and also a wide breast !!!

  12. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    fantastic fabulous tits! a real winner, that’s the good news

    the not so good news is she needs Cassandra Cox to coach her on how to get into poses.

    it appears as if she just stands there waiting for a doctor to walk in and exam her.

  13. misterc Says:

    Is there a doctor in the house?

  14. Hugey Says:

    Yes, I’m a..hmmmm..a..doctor…..please stand back and let me examine this women :)

  15. ugly carol 38ffff Says:

    Massive and gorgeous sooooo hot on cam!!!!!! Can drain mens cocks and she loves it!!!!!!!!

  16. Streifer Says:

    WOW. The hottest BBW with so exciting Curves. I love these amazing Women.
    Regards from Munich.

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