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Sylvia McFarland: Picture Gallery

Absolutely majestic! Sylvia McFarland is The Body! God’dam…

We are talking slim and stack royalty today folks. Sylvia McFarland is possibly my favourite Vintage Big Tits model so far!

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21 Responses to “Sylvia McFarland: Picture Gallery”

  1. MisterC Says:

    One of my other college wall poster ladies. If I remember correctly this is the one I had on the wall with Roberta Pedon. Great post Hugey, you are becoming the modern day version of Russ Meyer. You might be the new KING of breast men


  2. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    YES! YES! YES! Another of my all time favs! Probably the “Jackie Robinson” of big tit models. Certainly one of the first black superstars of the era. A few years ahead of Keli Stewart. A shame she never made any films. First time I remember seeing her was in an issue of GEM back in the mid 70′s. One of the greats!

  3. hugey Says:

    Lol MisterC, being mentioned in the same breath as Russ Meyer is quite a compliment. I think all of us here have a little Russ Meyer in us. Lol, why does that not sound right!

    I think Sylvia is my favourite of the Vintage Girls so far. I mean, god’dam, her body is just impossible…

    Just look at the proportions. Impossible!

    And this next picture is the best tits in motion pic I think I’ve ever seen..

    Absolute Goddess. Off the ‘Richter’ Scale Sexy…

  4. Rogueone Says:

    Made my day…great trip down mammary lane. An all time favorite model! Thanks!!

  5. MisterC Says:

    Hugey….I am serious, your collection on line is second to none, and on line viewing is the modern day version of the way great tits are viewed. It is where Russ Meyer would have currently plied his favorite trade.

    For example the right hand side of your home page (and on this page to as beside me is “Cheron 32K etc., & basically the C’s & first part of the D’s) is an alphabetical order of top notch large breast viewing. If you can’t find your favorite large breasted lovely on here with plenty of pics. you aint likely to find it anywhere.

    You have become the on line, & in this case ‘on line’ is the preferred media method, “LARGE BREAST GURU”. Catering to specifically the “Big Breast Patriot”….for example me….

    I salute you

  6. ca uk Says:

    remember first seeing her in a feature that ran in mayfair in the mid 70s about ebony beauties!!! she is amazing with a slim n stacked build that is pure score material.. had she had been around now she would have set score alight… have to say that the way they sit is similar to Adele Stephens but obviously Sylvia is bigger and damn!!!!! that ass!!!!!!!! cute as a button to,, its easy to see why she was so popular with tit-men..

  7. ca uk Says:

    its true hugey,, I agree with mister c…

  8. Femsup Says:

    Unusual shape breasts and a pioneer.

  9. ca uk Says:

    @femsup,, if its cool with you ive asked hugey to pass you my e-mail address… be great to chat???

  10. Handmann Says:

    Yes Sylvia is one of a long line of models from the 70s that had big boobs yet were slim and shapely. And with Sylvia those nipples! Wow! they certainly attracted my attention.

    I am certainly enjoying your vintage boob (un)coverage and the memories (or is that mammories) it brings back.

  11. festive Says:

    yes, definitely a pioneer. So thin yet so stacked. Beautiful sweet and sexy

  12. Jerry Says:

    With all the modern technology and social networks why hasn’t someone found this ebony goddess. Would sure like to know what she looks like today!


  13. Boobers Says:

    Those pictures of Sylvia still look incredible today, can you imagine being the photographer and trying to keep focused (pun intended). She was of course a pioneer. Pam Grier was a movie actress, not a figure model and Deborah McGuire, although nice tits, possessed none of the sheer breast size that Sylvia did.

    In addition to being one of the first black huge breast nude models, she is one of the first big boob models to open her legs. Yeah we all love her bush, but it is just sooooo damn sexy how she seems so comfortable in front of the camera with her legs open for us to look at her pussy. And in some shots, she uses her fingers to spread her lips open for a very clear pussy shot. I find it very very HOT she had no qualms whatsoever in the 1970′s about spreading her legs and plainly showing her pussy, up to and including her lips!

  14. Breast(. )Is( .)Best Says:

    Unrestrained female anatomy! For having such a slight frame she does have some glorious dark mountains of Woman, and even well balanced in the rear though I could use or appreciate much more but a vintage great for certain! great gallery

  15. luvembig Says:

    Another great post Hugey. Keep the retro girls coming.

  16. Femsup Says:

    Yes CA I will check my email account and would be delighted to chat.

  17. san Says:

    The thing sbout.Sylvia is that she loved white dick. She would swoon with a white boner in her mouth and pump it furiously with her hand deeper and deeper into her mouth only coming up fot air when she wanted to lick the shaft with reverence.When she knew I couldnt take a second more she puffed out her cheeks ready to tske s bucket full of goo before dutifully licking every last drop off the tip. She was a good gal and then youd cuddle and suckle on those monster titties until it was sleepytime.

  18. Hugey Says:

    Yes, in your dreams San

  19. san Says:

    L.A. 76. In your dreams, Hughey. She was working as a receptionist.of all things. The thing about you guys is that you never go for it and women never go for you. Sylvis came on to me.

  20. hugey Says:

    This guy is clearly In-San-e! We got another crack smoker on the scene guys…

  21. Wacker Says:

    Bio’s are often just made up. Met a girl in London ’60, so alike Sylvia it had to be her. Over on modelling assignment with other models. But the girl I knew was 16, making her birthday ’44, not ’53 as often said. She spoke Yank but also Creole, had a younger sister who was “Much better-looking”, was descended from Scottish pirate. When not working the other girls went after rich guys, parties, etc. They were contracted to do porn, my ‘Sylvia’ too, but she didn’t like it, did minimum called for, much preferred normal nude-modelling, more interested in seeing the big world out there. Once those tits came she was being banged by all and sundry, decided to get paid for it and buy a nice house somewhere, and get a life. Extremely nice girl to be with. I knew guys into erotica, how I met her. I took her sightseeing, she spending hours window-shopping furniture etc (crikey, was she intending marrying me!?) They flew her home before we could swap adresses. If ‘San’ really did know her does he know where she is today? She might recall me. Tall/dark/handsome lad her age. Like to know she made it ok.

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