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Update on JenniferB enormous heavy breasts

A while back I posted some videos of JenniferB – it’s now one of the most commented posts on the blog!

A lot of you guys have commented that she’s your dream huge heavy breasted girl and asked for more information about her. Great news, I’ve found JenniferB on webcam – pics below and instructions on finding her profile page.

Here’s how to get to her profile page:

  1. Go to Visit-X – Amateur Webcam Chat
  2. Click on Personal Pages
  3. Click on J and browse through the pages OR type ‘jenniferB’ in search box.
  4. Hope she’s online when you get there ;-)
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13 Responses to “Update on JenniferB enormous heavy breasts”

  1. Alas Says:

    I already hunted down her profile some time ago and as far as I know she doesn’t seem to be doing live shows anymore, though any live sightings would be greatly appreciated. I suppose I might just not have visited at the right times, though I was fairly certain she had gone inactive

  2. tony Says:

    could that be Nelli Roono?

  3. hugey Says:

    Hey Alas,
    She certainly seems to be elusive! I wonder if she’s still doing webcam shows? Pity she wasn’t on imLive – their website tells you when the model was last on air. Visit-X doesn’t seem to have that info. We’ll just need to keep checking the site from time to time, hope to catch her on air – here’s hoping :-)

    Hi Tony,
    Don’t think it is Nelli Roono – Nelli doesn’t have her nipples pierced but JenB does. I can see where you’re coming from though – very similar enormous pendulous tits.


  4. steve Says:

    its not nelli. jen is far bigger and i for one love her, dream girl for me!

  5. steve Says:

    would like chat about her with fellow big tit obsesvies

  6. tony Says:

    are these web cam places safe? i’ve always thought they were shaddy… and where could I find here again? on two diff sights or just the one?


  7. hugey Says:

    Hi Tony,
    Can’t speak for all webcam sites, but certainly the big sites such as imLive and Visit-X are huge sites which are very professionally run. I’ve certainly not had any bad experiences.


  8. Tony Says:

    Thanks, I’ve checked that site and found her through searching the personals page, I’m keeping an eye out to see when she’s doin her live act… never did a web-cam subscription but if i see her on, it’d be the only reason i’d subscribe :)

    Cheers and this has been a great find for me :)

  9. paulchagrin Says:

    Steve I wouldn’t mind talkin about Jennifer too

  10. David Says:

    Guys, there has been a ton of debate about whether or not JenniferB is a guy or not for quite some time. Almost all agree that it’s a dude. The videos of JenniferB are pretty cool. If you want to watch the videos or read about the online debates, enter jenniferb gigantomastia into Google and do a search.

    And speaking of Nelli, I would join Busty.pl, but they take way too long to give us something worth paying for. I am actually tired of waiting for Nelli updates, and have been losing major interest. The guy there is milking this way too much.

  11. steve Says:

    if its a fella, then i is gay.

  12. First Hand Says:

    I highly doubt JenniferB is a man. You have to be an idiot to think so. I have seen her live on webcam on a program called paltalk. I don’t believe this cam community has nudity anymore but when I use to use it, it had a whole array of adult cam rooms. When I first saw her I was just in shock, so amazing and big and beautiful. I know she isn’t a man because she has a vagina!. She would play with it too. This was a couple of years ago where I first saw her. I stumbled on a collection of her on dailymotion where there is at least 16 clips. The breasts are too realistic. The texture of her skin is too smooth and even has some wrinkles, so it can’t be fake. The way they move do not look prosthetic.

    The fact that she has big hands does not make her a man, that is so ignorant. Women can have big hands and feet. Keep in mind she is German too and germans are usually large people. I have seen women with freakishly large hands, its just not valid to state they are men because of it.

  13. bill Says:

    i have seen an actual webcam show of jennifer b on a website called CAM4 but i was just lucky enough to catch her on one time.
    i do not know what her schedule is.
    Anorei Collins also does a webcam show every tuesday night at 9.00pm EST. on CAM4.

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