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Very Wide Hips Anyone?

Every now and then I like to indulge in something a little bit different. The other day I was do doing a little browsing and snagged these pics of girls with very wide hips

I know this is off topic…. BUT DAMMN!! Make sure you watch the video below!

Do you know of any great wide hips pics, sites, links, vids?
Please share in comments.

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Check out this Video of Mal Mallory, super Phat Ass White Girl (PAWG). Make sure you watch it in full screen. This video makes me pull so hard..

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32 Responses to “Very Wide Hips Anyone?”

  1. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    this is her



    also check out http://www.plumpprincess.com

  2. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    YES! YES! YES! I LOVE Mal Malloy! Big fan, cool to see her on this site! Love me some big titties, but a nice big shapely ass stops me in my tracks every time!

  3. breastman2012 Says:

    Who is the chick in the purple in the first pic at the top?

  4. Hugey Says:

    Bernard – now that’s big!! If I’m honest that’s too big for me.

    Lol Handsome D – she’s something else isn’t she. I’ve been a fan for some time now but rediscovered her the other night! That video gets me every time. 1st and 3rd outfits send me over the edge…

    Breastman2012 – I think the girl in purple might be a young Sofia Rose. Not a 100% sure but that’s my best guess.

    Any other wide hip links anyone?

  5. Noah Says:

    I think most guys who love busty women also love wide hips. I certainly do! It takes both halves to make those wonderful hourglass figures. Thanks for a great entry! Now I must find out the identity of that lovely Asian woman in the sheer hip scarf.

  6. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    my point being those two models i poisted were the same models!!!!!!!!!

    that girl in the purple body suit is amamzing, she desrves an award!

  7. luvembig Says:

    Great post, Hugey. Big boobs are no. 1 for me, but I also love seeing a girl with wide hips and a big shapely behind. Even if a girl doesn’t have the biggest boobs, but she has some wide hips and a big behind, this is does it for me. A true hourglass figure is the best! Wouldn’t mind seeing more posts like this. From time to time I look for some big booty sites- thanx for posting about it here. Hope to see more reply’s of big hips and ass sites.

  8. drshrink69 Says:

    Girls with 40″ or larger thighs (wide hips) drive me crazy.

  9. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Love that shot of that blonde chick at the beach! Love seeing women like that at the beach, I’d be after that with the vengeance of an angry God!

  10. Hugey Says:

    Great to hear from you guys that this post hit the spot! I’ll definitely be lining up some more wide hips and big ass pics in future…

    Bernard – DAMN!!Is that really the same girl? Man, she must have done some serious eating in between those shoots!

  11. Femsup Says:

    We are predispositioned by evolution to love wide hipped lasses just as we are to love huge breasted women.There is a dearth of sites compared to ones for huge brested women.Fathips Kisser has a real appreciation of such women.

  12. Pons1595 Says:

    Love big titties, but wide hips and round asses jerk me over the edge. More, please!

  13. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    yep! absoloutly! how do i know? i am a bbw scout for that site http://www.ultimatebbw.com her name is airabella, and the thinner her was done with rodney moore way back in the early 1990′s and the fatter her was done around 2006!!!!!

  14. big bbw karola brust Says:

    hello !
    in Bernard Z.Râper the greatest masterpiece
    you have photographed and filmed
    and the model KAROLA
    phantasy on earth for millions of men
    l think a KAROLA nights and days
    Bernard Z.Râper : has when new movies and pictures of this fabulous model ?
    thank you !

  15. festive Says:

    Yes, I LOVE wide hips, I do find them to be the sexiest part of a woman.

  16. Charles Says:

    I’m all in favor of wide hips here now and then. Quality photos like the one in purple though! She’s is stellar! I like wide hips but I don’t see much that is focused on the hips. What you see mostly features the ‘huge booty’ effect which is something different. I like wide hips more than booty. The junk in the trunk is neat but I’m more amazed by a woman with a pelvis that’s X-tra X-tra wide! Great preview shot too. But I like that purple swimsuit girl!

  17. Charles Says:

    And I do NOT like what I saw on the ultimate bbw site. That’s just the fat talking. If you show some wide hips please be sure we see how wide the HIPS are not the fat. That’s not whats sexy. Thanks.

  18. Charles Says:

    We need more wide hips photos from the FRONT. That’s what’s sexy. You can see pics of big butt cheeks anywhere. I like to see how wide it is from the front so I can also see her pretty face too.

  19. David Says:

    Please – more big hipped women – please, please, please…

  20. Steve Says:

    Love-em… but some look “morphed”..?

  21. Nick Says:

    Can you please let me know the name of the women with small tits, blue bikini, no top posing for photoshoot.

  22. Mike Says:

    Damn!! Whos that Asian girl.. She is badasss!!!

  23. Ralph Says:

    Incredible. Please post more pics of wide hips. I am also very keen to get some sources or links to further big hips pages

  24. Hugey Says:

    lucky man ‘ca uk’! Mal malloy is sexy as hell… and she knows it, which is lucky for us because she likes to show it too :)

  25. ca uk Says:

    i remember id get her to ride me reverse cowgirl so i could watch that big ass bounce over my cock… good times…

  26. BigAsianbubbleButtlover Says:

    Can anyone P-L-E-A-S-E HELP ME! I NEED to know who that Oriental Asian girl with the “baby face” looking out the window is. She’s, in my personal opinion, SO Blazingly beautiful! Please help me out, you never know when I can answer your question, so I would be grateful if my question could be answered. Thanks. BTW, I love ‘em ALL with curves & bubble butts…but what KILLZ ME is a fine, young, thing, with nice firm titties, tiny waist, big hips, ASS, legs…and I nice young face(legal of course, don’t like ‘em young, just with that baby face look. They can be 50yrs old & still have that innocent look. That’s what I mean.Lets get that straight.)? Crazy!
    Thanks for your help people! Good luck in your quest to meeting fine hotties like these & helping them “get-off” in bed. LoL! That’s what we do!

  27. chris hamilton sr Says:

    I am also very curious who the beautiful Asian woman is. I have tried to find her for the past week…. To no avail.
    Please let me know if you know who she is or where she can be found.
    Thank you,
    Sincerely Chris Hamilton Sr
    P.S. My best to you and yours, may you all be safe.

  28. Paul LoveHips Says:

    You guys may be interested in Rosee Divine and Carmel Candy. Both wide hipped girls.

  29. Rege Sudheer Says:

    I have been browsing the web but could not find any pictures that shows a full size photo of any nude beautiful women with huge boobs and heavy hips. There are only photos of heavy hips with small boobs and vice verse!!!!!!!

  30. Harjit Says:

    Those girls are just stunning, especially the one in purple (top left) and the Asian girl (bottom left).

    I hate to say this but they almost look too good to be true. I seriously hope they really look like that, and were not Photoshopped.

  31. ca uk Says:

    harjit I think most of these are shopped but a few are genuine in my opinion…

  32. Frankie Says:

    mal malloy is fantastic and so is Airabella from ultimatebbw.com.

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