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Vote Milena Velba! Press Conference

Milena Velba enters the world of politics for her latest shoot entitled ‘Press Conference’. What do you guys think?

milena velba 2013 press conference

This is one politician that would get my vote! Kudos to Milena-Velba.com and Daktari Lorenz for keeping it fresh for so long.

milena velba press conference politician picturesmilena velba press conference politician picturesmilena velba press conference politician pictures

You’re Country Needs You :)
milena velba press conference politician pictures

Get more of Milena Velba at her official website Milena-Velba.com.

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15 Responses to “Vote Milena Velba! Press Conference”

  1. AUHSOJ Says:

    What a fantastic idea! It would be nice if she actually came to the states to shoot, but this is definitely impressive!

  2. MisterC Says:

    Unlike the current crop of morons running things…..I think candidate Velba could keep us “A-BREAST” of all the most important issues.

    Superb photo set

  3. tuggerjb Says:

    This is freakin’ awesome! Like Sarah Palin with huge knockers lol! I think she’d make one helluva Vice President! She wouldn’t have to do much, plus we’d get to stare at her massive mammaries to distract us from the shape the country’s in lol!!

  4. Charles Says:

    Well it’s clear she knows where her biggest fan is, and her NUMBER ONE fan — right here! I vote! I vote for Milena! But not for office at all. For the bed! Or the bike! Not in the office at all.

  5. LisaSuzanne Says:

    Milena always gets my vote..
    One of the most beautiful women–
    With one of the most amazing breasts
    and those areolas are too die for..
    Like to see more ladies trying to get our votes– giggle.

    your Seattle shemale xoxo

  6. Femsup Says:

    She would make a great President far more so than many of the boobs that have filled that post.

    She is loving and inclusive and supports and nurtures people particularly women. So she would have universal appeal.

    And when there have been so many women leaders of so many so called “3rd” world countries isn’t it about time a so called “1st” world country had one.

  7. tony Says:

    why does ‘myboobsite’ suck now?

  8. MisterC Says:

    I noticed you mentioned “kudos….for keeping it fresh for so long” Hugey. I just wanted to throw my two cents worth into that statement, with all made easier by the fact the woman is “Frickin of the chart damned drop dead sexy”.

    She ain’t called “The Queen” on other breast sites for nothing. Just plain incredible work by “mother nature”

  9. Hugey Says:

    Yes, there’s no denying mother nature is the prime factor MisterC but there’s also a lot of creative talent and, importantly, hard work that goes into keeping her website great.

    But you’re right, at the end of the day, you don’t become ‘The Queen’ unless you’ve got that impossible, god given wonder body

  10. teddy mack Says:

    i love the girth of her tits! wow!!

  11. Femsup Says:

    Particularly after this she should be known as President or Prime Minister not queen a title inherited whether you have any worth or not. After all we would all vote for her.

  12. breastmanindenver Says:

    I think if Milena ran for Chancellor against Angela Merkel in her home country of Germany, she and her party would win by far more than a chest length.

  13. rich 81 Says:

    If Milena was a politician I’d definitely vote for her! Love her massive veiny tits!

  14. Loutur Says:

    God, how many lucky women have got to suck on those things, or in some cases, fed from them.

  15. luvembig Says:

    She’s got my vote!

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