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Well Endowed Amateur Girlfriends

Some more pics of well endowed amateur girlfriends from My Big Ex-Girlfriend.

Continuing on from the well received earlier amateur girlfriends posts, some of the most commented posts this year, I thought it was about time we had another helping…

All pics courtesy of My Big Ex-Girlfriend.

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8 Responses to “Well Endowed Amateur Girlfriends”

  1. Tony Says:

    OMG! Pink top = OOOOOoo Yeah!

  2. Tony Says:

    the girl sitting at the table. didn’t realize there were two pink top girls, hah

  3. Hugey Says:

    Lol Tony! I immediately know who you meant :-)
    Talk about about Top Heavy Amateurs – she’s awesome.

  4. Jay Says:

    MMmmm…fat camwhores…..

    Seriously, I know I was critical of this site early on, but I’m hella glad it’s turned out to be a winner. I -might- just have to break my rule of never paying for porn!

  5. hugey Says:

    Hey Jey,
    Yes me too. Wasn’t sure about someone gathering FREE pics and turning it into a paysite. But, credit were credit is due, you can’t argue with the quality :-)

  6. femsup Says:

    Love all the big chested lasses except one.And she is demonstrating why big girls are so much sexier than her fellow flat chested bikini clad freind.

  7. mikesmelons Says:

    will you look at the size of the girl in the yellow swim top and her freind no wonder she goes out with her friend with the big top just think of all the admiring glances the girl with the big top gets,its a pity her freind in the blue top hasnt got tits maybe she is a late developer,but just love the girl in the yellow top when she goes into the water she will definately make a splash.xxx

  8. Krille Says:

    Äckligt smal på näst sista bilden

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