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Ms Diva: Huge Warm Tits in t-shirt

She’s an absolute powerhouse in the huge boobs department. Here’s a Whole Lotta Ms Diva to feast your eyes on over the weekend :-)

Man, I’m feeling the warmth of those huge breasts through that soft cotton t-shirt – very big, very heavy and warm….DAMN!

Talking of weekends it would probably take me a whole weekend to explore Ms Diva’s huge breasts – this isn’t one you could rush! These pics are from Divine Breasts.

All pics courtesy of Divine Breasts.

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13 Responses to “Ms Diva: Huge Warm Tits in t-shirt”

  1. Gaz Says:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say, “HOLY SHIT!!”

  2. clarity Says:

    Holy frackin’ shit! Move over Miosotis!

  3. luvembig Says:

    Wowie Kazowie! Them are some hooters! Hamunah, hamunah, hamunah

  4. Bobs_Your_Uncle Says:

    that is like tit heaven

  5. timedwards123 Says:

    Mz Diva is currently visiting London and is available for private meetings!

  6. supercalo Says:

    @ timedwards123 if that’s the case how do you get in contact with her a private meeting sounds nice

  7. Hugey Says:

    timedwards123 – wow, thanks for the heads up! Do you have more details for the guys in London! If anyone if lucky enough to meet Ms Diva, feel free to share your story here :)

  8. timedwards123 Says:

    I had a private session with Mz Diva last year and it was a fantasy come true! However she was expensive! She emailed me last week to say she was around again, but i only just got the message. I have replied – so I’m waiting to find out if she’s still here!

  9. Femsup Says:

    I like the phallic symbolism of the pommel on the stairs with her breasts.But it doesn’t have to be faintly penis shaped.The interaction of objects with breasts moving or forcing them into different positions and shapes is delcious.

    Also imagining what sensations of touch the object has on the huge breast is nice.Is it warm or excitingly cold.Is it rough or smooth.

    Love women with clothed and bare breasts.The way her top gives the optical illusion of the spaces between and around the breasts being even bigger than they are.A sort of “united front”.

    Like too that her breasts are so huge that she struggles to get to her nipple to self suckle.

  10. Femsup Says:

    She also demonstrates the charming seemingly chameleon aspect of some peoples huge breasts of being full and powerful and being droopy and “relaxed”.

  11. timedwards123 Says:

    She’s back in London on April 10th. You should be able to get in touch with her via her website…

  12. Hugey Says:

    Thanks for the update Tim! Wow, she’s absolutely immense. Hope you get to see her again in April. Would love to hear about it :-)

  13. RICHARD Says:

    DIVA SHOULD BE No1. Even though I rank Diva No 4 in the world by titty size – she is my favorite and technically deserves to be No 1. She is a true star and gets big ticks in all of the boxes, she is completely shameless, monster tits, own proactive website, tattoos, clit ring, hot videos [unprotected sex - virgina creampies] and is openly prepared to consider having sex with anyone on screen or offscreen.

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