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Wide Hips: Clothed and Naked Pictures

One of the biggest successes of 2012, in terms of popularity, was the wide hips pictures I posted! They’ve been visited and shared like crazy…

So, I thought I’d keep the Wide Hips Rolling in 2013 by doing another post for you. There’s some impressively flared arches in these pics including some clothed and naked wide hips.

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Also, check out this chic with wide hips wearing nylons, white shiny pants, socks and high heels! DAMN, she knows what’s she’s doing…

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15 Responses to “Wide Hips: Clothed and Naked Pictures”

  1. luvembig Says:

    Great stuff, Hugey. Love the wide hips!

  2. rainbowchaser Says:

    personally not a fan of wide hip girls and these pictures remind me why I find them so odd looking. To me they look more like girls born in Chernobyl than anything else, but each to their own of course ;0)

  3. tony Says:

    those pics are morphed by photo-shop or some photo editor

  4. matt Says:

    Yes, to each your own. These are phenomenal specimens! I’d look forward to a new collection every week! And as a pro photographer I’d have to say that about all of these are natural and not photoshopped…

  5. ca uk Says:

    think this is great and ive known girls who have this shape so although i agree some are possible photoshops most arent.. my faves here are girl in main pic at top and then in small shots 5,12,13..

  6. Jeff L Says:

    Great wide-hipped pictures! They smack of Photoshopping, sure, but there ARE women like this. They’re just unusual… thus quite striking.

    In the best sort of way imaginable.

    Thanks, Hugey!

    And women with wide hips everywhere.

  7. lisasuzanne Says:

    Luv wide hips,
    But they definitely need to be in
    proportion to the rest of the body..
    Not too thin and nice breasts seem to
    go well with great hips…

    Your Seattle shemale…….. xoxo

  8. Femsup Says:

    I love women with wide hips but these are all photoshopped and some freakishly.

  9. SSS Says:

    Wide hips are phenomenal, but almost all of these are photo-shopped. Shame, as there are plenty of actual amazing bodies out there!

  10. LKITUORO Says:


  11. Bernard Perera Says:

    dear ladies million thanks to you all for showing your’s nude and wide hips ,,a rare view,, we very gready to see such women’s curvy nature is well satisfied,,, again and again I offer all sake ,, million thanks to you all,, God help you all

  12. teddy mack Says:

    damn!!! who is the one in the american flag bikini????? daaamn she is fine!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jack Says:

    That video is of a crossdresser.

  14. Terry Says:

    Where can I find the foam pants to give the cross dresser big his?

  15. hot. Rod Says:

    I like wide hips and big boobs

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