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XL Girls: Anna Beck, Natalie Fiore Videos

A couple of new videos that caught my eye from Anna Beck (aka Venus) and Natalie Fiore over at XL Girls

First up, it’s the Get The Beck Body Check video from XL Girls

And, Natalie Fiore’s Anatomy Lesson Video from XL Girls

Download the Full Picture Set and HD Video at XL Girls.

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12 Responses to “XL Girls: Anna Beck, Natalie Fiore Videos”

  1. tony Says:

    why can’t score promo vids be downloaded?

  2. Ermdog Says:

    As much as Natalie’s boobs have grown during pregnancy, I just can’t get into her. Her lack of a lower body turns me off a lot. She has no ass, no hips, no legs, and she has a long torso/stomach…and I’m not talking about her preggo stomach.

    Ana Beck on the other hand is great with her giant juggs. Shes got a nice chubby stomach and thick thighs.

  3. tony Says:

    I agree too that I just cannot get into Natalie anymore. Weird.

  4. morrd Says:

    NOT! Trying to be redundant? but! I am! ANNA BECKS! ARSE along with her tits need to be MOTORBOATED! BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. Charles Says:

    Natalie looks good! And it’s a trip seeing how different she looks. Before she looked pretty and sexy! Now she looks ultra-feminine and so sweet! Not like a porn star, no. I can see why your stroke rating might not be as high. But damn the breasts are bigger and she has become more attractive! Wild stuff. Glad she is sharing! Notice that she didn’t squeeze her nipples too hard, I don’t think she wants to start lactating, lol.

  6. ca uk Says:

    anna beck is wonderfull,, so sexy and her tits are a delight… not keen on Natalie with the weight gain but her areolae are incredible… preffer her slimmer score days back in 2007

  7. ca uk Says:

    some lovely boob play in the anna beck clip,, very nice…

  8. syreata Says:

    I am a big fan of Anna’s videos, whether with Score or XXCel.

  9. syreata Says:

    Her solo stuff that is.

  10. ca uk Says:

    @syreata,, haven’t seen anna over at xxcel. im guessing it was great!!! did he handle her???

  11. luvembig Says:

    I think Natalie looks sexy as hell in her present state. Her boobs are humongous. They look so heavy and full. Her body looks so ripe and ready.

  12. Femsup Says:

    When Ms Fiore holds her breast up with that pointer it nearly blows my mind.

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